May 30, 2021

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Nisha is AMAZING


While I was initially hesitant to hire a consultant, I can say that it was completely well worth the cost to work with mbaMission and, most importantly, with Nisha!

I signed up for free consultations with mbaMission and Stacy Blackman Consulting to hopefully gain some additional insight. Admittedly, I wasn’t the most organized when going into these consultations, but I had trouble connecting with the consultant from SBC and frankly found her to be condescending and rude. I wasn’t sure if I was asking her “dumb” questions, but she certainly made me feel that way.

In late August, I had my mbaMission consultation with Nisha, and, while I was equally as disorganized as I was with SBC, my experience with Nisha was completely different. I asked her the same “dumb” questions, but she was patient and left me feeling reassured. I told her that I was unsure that I wanted to move forward with purchasing a package, and she was completely understanding. She never pressured me and followed up our call with helpful resources. Over the next couple of months following the consultation, I tried to rely on free resources but quickly became overwhelmed with all of the different (and sometimes contradictory) advice floating around and needed to have feedback and advice that would be tailored to me.

In early November, I finally signed up for the Complete Start-to-Finish package for two schools with Nisha, and it was an amazing decision! I was worried about only having two months to work on my applications and essays, but I ended up completing everything before the deadline.

During the entire process, Nisha was warm, encouraging, responsive, and wise--Everything that you need from someone helping you with this important journey. I had a MILLION questions, sometimes about the tiniest things, and she was continuously patient and gave great advice. Most importantly, she helped me zero in on my career goal, as I wasn’t 100% sure before starting this process.

She provided invaluable guidance and input on the applications and essays but did so in a way where the essays still sounded like me and were authentic to who I am. After I received an interview invitation, I received that same counsel for the next step of the process. In all, Nisha helped me feel more confident not only about my profile but also about myself.

Now that I’ve completed the process, I can happily say that I’ve been accepted to my dream school and am confident that I wouldn’t have been able to get here without Nisha.

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