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Consultant: Monica Okrah

Monica played an instrumental role in my admission to the school of my dreams, HBS! Not only is she an incredibly warm, upbeat, and patient person, but she also has an uncanny knack for pulling out the "common threads" amongst various life stories - those recurring themes that bring out the "aha" moments in an essay. It probably helps that Monica is an HBS alum herself, which I felt gave me unique insight that other consultants may not have been able to provide. At first glance, I had a fairly typical applicant profile, but Monica was able to help me to convey my unique qualities and experiences that differentiated myself from other similar applicants.

I signed up for mbaMission's all-inclusive school package, which entitled me to a brainstorming session, a few school guides, unlimited essay reviews, recommender strategy, and interview prep. While this package is sizable investment, I absolutely got my money's worth, and then some. If I had gone the hourly route, I probably would have spent more.

Monica, like any good consultant, did not write my essays - rather, she provided a mix of insightful high-level and specific comments. Monica's turnaround time was excellent, and she also made herself readily available for follow up calls. It was so helpful to have Monica to bounce ideas and get that needed boost of confidence at the 11th hour. I strongly recommend Monica to all applicants!

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