Angela was awesome.
December 29 | 2017
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Here are some reasons why:
1) Angela de-stressed the process for me. After I responded to a series of questions about myself, Angela and I had a brainstorming session and she helped me thinking of themes to launch my essay. Looking at a blank sheet of paper is really hard and stressful! She helped me synthesize a story, and unpacked how to approach the school's questions.
2) Angela is ethical. This was SUPER important to me. I always feel uncomfortable getting help. Angela did not redline my essays. I was super proud of my essays because I had written every word of them. When I wrote material that was off, she would prompt me to rethink some ideas and explain the tone of what I was saying that is often hard to know if you are in the weeds.
3) Angela explained WHY she was making the recommendations she made. I sometimes would push back and we would have full conversations about her recommendations. This is important if you are to use these skills in the future.

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