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I used TTP after using Manhattan (which didn't go too well for me admittedly) and I really liked their breakdown of the lessons, I loved the detail it went in, the topics that it covered as well as the sequence of the topics. They really breakdown each topic in a detail level that is absolutely needed. I liked that there were practice questions throughout the lessons. I also liked the after chapter quizzes (they come in easy, medium and hard range, and are such a good practice, and you know what you should be aiming for). I also liked that it told me my best, worst, areas and I could understand what to work on. The videos with each question are so helpful because they help to understand where you are going wrong. My only suggestion would be to purchase their 6-month subscription rather than month by month because if you are in my boat, you will realise you want the course for a much longer time and will now be paying maybe a 100 dollars more than if you had gone with the subscription...Overall, a big yes !

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