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I started my GMAT journey in February 2018; I had no idea of the long road I had ahead. Indeed, as an attorney-at-law, I had not studied math since high school (i.e. for more than 10 years).

After two months of studying with the Manhattanprep books, I took my first official practice test and scored a dismal 560, with Q32. I was devastated and did not know what to do to improve my score.

This is when a friend of mine recommended me to use Target Test Prep; this course is extremely thorough in teaching you the basic math skills to acquire, and then the advanced skills in order to score high in quant.

This platform requires dedication, but is extremely efficient; after approximately 4 months of serious studying and a few private sessions with Scott (who is again highly recommended for his teaching methods), I took another official practice test and scored Q46. I then switched to verbal studying in order to obtain the last push to 700 in my official GMAT.

I am now admitted to the INSEAD MBA program. I would not have been able to achieve this result without Target Test Prep and the help of Scott.

This is a no brainer: for anyone coming from a non-traditional MBA background who lacks math skills, Target Test Prep is the way to go. Forget about the other companies.

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