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The TTP program is exactly what you need to get the quant score you are aiming for. Like many before me, I took a quant/verbal course to get up to speed on the GMAT and then self-studied for a couple months before taking an official test. Unfortunately, my score was not competitive, especially on quant (45). I thought all I needed to do was more OG problems, so I went through them again and also bought the supplemental quant guide and worked those problems. Three months later, after countless problem sets / late nights / review sessions / some tutoring / etc etc, I got the same quant score (45).

Discouraged but not ready to give up, I searched through the GMAT Club forums hoping to find tips / advice / success stories in which someone was facing a similar situation but made a change and saw a breakthrough in their score. Several stories I came across mentioned TTP, their comprehensive quant program and how the program actually led to real gains in their quant scores. I gambled and decided to give it a shot - it's the best decision I made and I only wish I had found it earlier in my studies.

The program is thorough and requires dedication - I cannot emphasize this enough. It breaks down all the key areas of quant into individual modules which include a text book portion with example problems to learn the topic and, when you are ready, multiple easy / medium / hard chapter quizzes (each quiz ranges from 10 - 15 problems). The quiz problems are very close to actual GMAT problems, so you are getting a ton of repetition and building up confidence that you actually understand how to tackle a topic, no matter how it is presented. Answer explanations are also provided for each question, so if you got one wrong, you will learn how to better approach the question and if you got it right, you may find that there is a more efficient / easier way to solve the problem.

To illustrate the benefit of this, lets say you struggle with roots/exponents and only use the OG to practice - you have a limited number of problems to pick from (10-20?) and you only see problems presented in a few of the numerous ways the GMAT could actually test you. For TTP, they have at least 150 root/exponent problems to work on presented in all different ways that you could realistically see on the actual test. This applies to all the quant topics - number properties, word problems, statistics, overlapping sets, geometry, etc. If you decide to give TTP a shot, I would encourage you to follow the program as outlined (the course really does build on itself) and give yourself ~3 months to complete it (hour or so after work and a couple hours on the weekend). By the end of the program, you will be amazed by your performance and you can get the score you are aiming for. After 2.5 months and cutting the program a bit short, I was pleasantly surprised to get a Q50 on my latest GMAT - a score I never thought as realistic for me but one I owe to all the time spent on the TTP program.

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