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Struggling With Quant? TTP Is Where It's At


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I am SO thankful I chose TTP to help me on my journey to a 760! As someone who has always struggled with quant on standardized testing, I felt that TTP taught every core concept I needed and gave me to foundation to succeed. Really wish my math teachers had explained math concepts like this back in high school!

TTP's interface and analytics are straightforward and easy to use, which makes recognizing your weak spots pretty simple. There's also tons of videos that go through approaches for practice problems, and TTP frequently hosts free webinars on various quant topics. I did not use anything besides TTP and OG questions/practice tests to prep, and I felt ready on test day. Don't get me wrong, you've got to put in the work, but with a concerted effort using TTP's modules, I think anyone can achieve a high quant score.

I'd initially been hoping to just score in the low 700s, but over time, TTP actually made me feel *good* at math (huge! I've always felt slower w/ math) and know how to attack each problem. I am naturally gifted on the verbal side so I minimally studied for it, but from what I saw of the beta version of TTP's verbal offerings, it really drilled the fundamentals needed to crush verbal.

Get TTP. You won't be disappointed.

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