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I never thought I would be able to post one of these.

I tested in the test center today and miraculously pulled off a 740 with splits of 49/42/8. When the score popped up, I legit started crying and I am not ashamed of that.

I am from the U.S., so I'm pretty familiar with standardized testing. I scored 95% on the SAT. I am also prior military and am used to promotion testing and the ASVAB; I tested 96% on that and 99% on the officer exam. Suffice it to say, I have never had a problem with testing until the GMAT. I took a diagnostic about a year ago and scored a 600, then took the real test last December and used that score, a 670, to apply to Fall 2020 programs. With everything that happened, I elected to defer and try my hand again with taking the GMAT.

I went through most of TTP quant and was scoring again around 670-700. I took the online test August 22 and scored 700, indicative of my practice results. I don't know if something just clicked after this point or what, but I transitioned from only investing my time in math to TTP's verbal as well, and I felt better about the test as a whole. I jumped from 46/47 Q to 49, where I have been at since. I felt my sentence correction techniques getting better as well from the extended devotion to verbal, and took OG mock 4 on September 12 and scored a 740. This convinced me to move up my test date to today, September 14, in hopes of riding the peak of my efforts.

That happened. While I didn't think the test was smooth, it ended up working out. I struggled through the math; I'm not sure if I technically finished. I I had an answer selected but time ran out before I hit submit on question 31. After verbal, I was pretty convinced I did poorly and was just slugging through the rest of the test so I could go home.

All this is to say, if I can do it, so can you. I never really felt that that phrase meant a lot, but I am by no means a genius. I spent a grueling amount of hours working through TTP and honestly never finished - I never started geometry. But, if you want it, if you want a certain score, you can make it happen. I think the GMAT is more of a testament to a person's will than their academic ceiling. Thanks to everyone over at TTP!

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