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755 in 2 months


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Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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1) Extremely thorough curriculum that helps you to understand the fundamentals of all quant concepts as well as the methods of thinking required to perform well
2) Huge library of practice problems that are very similar to the ones on the actual GMAT focus exam
3) Comprehensively covers all types of questions that you can expect to see as well as all the more advanced variants of common questions
4) Excellently designed course that understands that guided repeated practice is the key to mastering difficult topics

Would make the product better:

I really only have good things to say about this course

I started my GMAT focus journey back in December 2023, taking my first ever official practice test with no prior preparation. I scored a 635 with a glaring weakness - quant. As a senior in my undergraduate studies planning to apply to deferred MBA programs, I only had a few months to practice and take the actual exam. After mulling over my options, I decided that TTP was overwhelmingly recommended as the best resource for improving your GMAT score (I believe this to be the case as well). I spent about 2 months on studying from early January to early March, completing the course in just under 200 hours. I was already very confident in my verbal abilities so I opted to skip most of TTP's verbal section (However, I did do a few sections and it was also very comprehensive and similar to the actual GMAT focus). I took the actual GMAT focus exam a few days ago and fortunately received a score of 755. TTP is the only resource I used and I'm beyond happy with how effective it was. I genuinely believe that TTP is the only resource that you need outside of the official GMAT focus questions and practice tests. In my case, I didn't even practice with official questions as I felt that the TTP questions were sufficient.

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