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Best course ever


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I loved how thorough TTP was. The other courses simply did not have the same depth when it came to explaining quant.

Would make the product better:

I think the strategies from the verbal section are too long. It would be nice to have an accelerated verbal option.

TTP was amazing and helped me get my dream score. I went from 555 to 675 with their help!

When I first started studying, I knew my biggest challenge would be the quant section. On my first practice test I got 25th percentile in quant. On my first official test (before finding TTP), I got 35th percentile on quant. TTP ended up helping me get my quant score up to 71st percentile, which when paired with the rest of my score, helped me score in the 96th percentile overall!

What mainly separates them from the others is that they assume you know nothing about math at the beginning. This was crucial for me because I had not taken a math course in 6 years!

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