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Target Test Prep - An Excellent Fundamental Course


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Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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This course is going to give you all the fundamentals you need to succeed. In particular, this course is going to strongly improve your Quant fundamentals, especially if it has been a while since you last took a fundamental Quant class. The product also has a great interface to follow you, so you don't need to do planning. You just need to give yourself the appropriate time to follow the course plan and if you do so, and are calculated in taking more time on topics you struggle with, the Target Test Prep course will provide you with the right topic coverage and guidance to succeed.

Would make the product better:

When I took the course, the GMAT classic was transitioning to the GMAT Focus and the Data Insights section of the GMAT was newer so the content in the course was limited in comparison to the rest of the modules. Nonetheless, it gave me everything I needed to make substantial improvements in Data Insights scores.

Target Test Prep is a great course. It is long and some complain about this but it is long for a good reason - it is thorough. Every fundamental I faced on the GMAT Focus, from all sections, I was exposed to in the Target Test Prep course.

Target Test Prep really thrives for those who are determined to do well, will stick with a plan, and avoid shortcuts (hint: there's no shortcut to doing well on the GMAT or any standardized test). In terms of a fundamental course that can be self paced and as someone who has traditionally never achieved an above average score on any standardized exams (grade school standardized exams, SAT and LSAT) and having taken different formats of prep courses (instructor led/self paced/hybrid), I can say with confidence for a self motivated individual who can learn on their own, Target Test Prep will not disappoint. I've never encountered a prep course that focuses on perfecting the fundamentals as much as Target Test Prep, and this genuinely paid off the most for me.

Some differences in my experience that will likely be different than others experiences include the following. I had a decent Verbal score to begin with because I had previously prepped for the LSAT and GMAT Verbal was somewhat similar to LSAT Verbal. Therefore, I had a bit of practice with similar questions. Nonetheless, I still improved my Verbal score between my first practice exam and the one Official GMAT Focus attempt I did. The last note is you must give yourself time to complete the course (or at least come as close as possible to completing the course). Admittedly, I did not complete the course entirely as I was in a time crunch to apply to my preferred programs before a due date. I spent 4.5 months between starting my Target Test Prep course and writing the Official GMAT Focus. If you don't complete as much of the course as possible, aka the fundamentals they introduce, you will likely be missing out on valuable fundamentals that you may encounter.

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