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Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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TTP creates a tailored study plan that can be updated/modified as you prepare. By simply selecting which sections you want to focus on and designating a number of weekly study hours, TTP builds a day-by-day plan to complete the course by your test date.

A review of concepts is built into the course. As you move onto a new module, you are frequently tasked with completing quizzes on questions you missed from earlier sections, solidifying your understanding.

TTP offers strong explanations for answers to difficult questions. Each question has both a written and video explanation for how the problem is to be solved. Even if you are confused after reviewing these resources, you can contact their live helpline where they provide a personalized explanation.

Would make the product better:

After TTP, series/sequences was the only area I felt less prepared for on quant. These were 2 of the 4 questions I missed during my GMAT. However, my impression is that TTP is constantly updating its curriculum. During my subscription, multiple new readings were added to the quant section.

Target Test Prep was the single most impactful GMAT preparation service I used, specifically for the quant section. As someone with little experience in math, I scored a 29 percentile on the quant section of my diagnostic test. It was very apparent I needed a crash course, so I purchased a TTP subscription. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the decision.

TTP provided a comprehensive review of each topic in the quant section. You cover each topic by reading short digestible passages and immediately applying the concept to practice problems. Instead of becoming bogged down by lengthy readings, you learn a new concept, validate your understanding, and move on. This approach makes the course significantly more fun and engaging. At the end of each section, you are given practice tests of easy, medium, and hard difficulty. This organization forces you to both master the basics and apply new concepts to unfamiliar problems. Through TTP, I improved to 71 percentile in quant and raised my overall GMAT score by 90 points! Highly recommend.

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