June 04, 2024

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Best way to prepare for GMAT


Improvement 200 Points

Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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Extremely comprehensive information on all topics. More than enough practice questions to hone in on various areas. Straight forward and organized learning plan.

Would make the product better:

Going through the entire learning plan perfectly will take over 3-4 months even with several hours of work each day. Not sure if TTP would improve have to improve anything with that but just something to be weary of if you want to do the given learning plan.

Target Test Prep has been great for my GMAT journey. I started with a 475 and bumped my score up to a 675 on the GMAT focus in less than three months. There are so many questions for each topic which allowed me to really hone in on topics and master them. I like how they outline a organized learning plan for you with questions for each chapter. One thing to note is that the learning plan will take over 3 months to do. I barely finished my entire learning plan and still got a 200 bump in score so if you are able to really dedicate and prepare a several months to TTP I am positive that you can get an even better bump or score!

June 12, 2024

Hi Blee,
first congrats on your great score. I only have two Month for the Preparation of the GMAT. Would you still recommend TTP in this case, since you mentioned that the learning path takes 3-4 month, or can this be done quicker than suggested by TTP?

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