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I was scoring Q42 before enrolling to TTP dedicated study. I was shocked when I saw Q48 from my official GMAT.

TTP is a structured program that has various modules by chapter topics. Each module is thorough in its concepts and the study plan makes sure that we are 100% covered with all the topics we need to know for the GMAT. After each theory, we are then bombarded with the much needed questions for practice in three formats - Easy, Medium, Difficult with each modules covering around 200 questions for practice to make sure we are well versed with the topics. There are benchmarks in the study plan which we have to pass to proceed to the next quiz/module. I can tell you once you finish the modules and quizzes you can be confident to tackle any GMAT question in that module.

The course also comes with analytics section for each of the chapters/modules which will track our progress from the quiz. It also maintains an error log which we fill from the drop down option that is presented when we get a question wrong.

The course also comes with a dedicated worksheet which we can use to manually write down the important topics that we study based on the chapters. The worksheet is pre populated with all the topics in the chapters and all one has to do it is just take printout and start taking notes.

The "Must Know" pointers are really a great deal. Important points from each chapter are highlighted in a green box and these are the must know concepts which we can refer back at any point of time to quickly recollect the important concepts that was taught to us.

For people who have less time, the course also comes with an Advanced study plan which lets you attend quiz first and based on your weakness suggest topics to read so that you can quickly cover the syllabus.

The course also has an equations guide that you can simply take print out and refer back or use as a flash card when you need it.

Overall, Target Test Prep is a comprehensive course and requires considerable amount of time to complete and if we follow the dedicated approach the course suggests, then SKY is the limit.

Go TTP Go Quant.

P.S: i scored Q48 by skipping the Geometry and Probability lessons. I wish I had more time.

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