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TTP Helped Me Increase My Score by 430 Points!!! (350 - 780)


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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I can hardly believe that before discovering TTP my highest score was 350. I’ll put it this way: Target Test Prep is the equivalent of the best teacher I’ve ever had, but with on-demand availability.

I found TTP through the subreddit r/GMAT. Of course, I was curious; and I saw the responses with glowing reviews and thought there had to be a catch. After researching, I decided TTP might be worth a shot. From the moment I started studying with TTP’s software, I was amazed by how simple and fun their program was. They made jumping into studying effortless and as painless as possible.

In some weird way, their module system spoke to my level of understanding. After every module, there are a bunch of tests that scale up based on difficulty. So, when you’ve finished the module, you can complete it knowing that you’ve mastered the subject at the end. I rarely was left with any questions after mastering the subject.

Working through TTP felt more like a game than a study software. The tests on each module had a difficulty scale, so I could challenge myself without getting frustrated. My study habits were not the best, and one of my major problems was trying to get ahead of myself. TTP’s software would gently nudge me back on course whenever I attempted to skip ahead to later material. It helped me stay motivated and kept me accountable. I found this so helpful.

The features that helped me the most:
1- The diagnostic exam which showed me where I was currently. They let me set a “mastery” goal that helped me stay on track and see how I was progressing.
2- The ActiveReview sheets. I found these study sheets to be incredible, as they came customized with my desired score in mind, and I could fill them in with all my notes.
3- The Must Knows. I can’t tell you how many times I went back to the ‘Must Knows’ because they did such a great job of summarizing the lesson’s content.
4- The examples and the comprehensive explanations. In the modules, there are questions of various difficulty levels, and when you answer them, you don’t know how they’re ranked. What was great about this was that, after I answered the question, I would get an explanation of how to solve the problem in both a written format and a video. We all have different learning styles, and this feature was something that none of the other resources I used really offered. I love, love TTP’s short video explanations.

Their team was highly approachable and available to answer all of my questions. Even after completing the software, they still reached out to see how my application process was going and followed up on how I was doing with testing. Everyone at TTP was highly involved and incredibly kind to me.

I wish I had found Target Test Prep sooner. It would have saved me a lot of money, time, and prevented the frustrations I felt along the way. It changed the way I studied, the methods I used, and the confidence I felt when it came to taking the GMAT. TTP is the real deal!

November 05, 2021

Can't agree more with your words. I'm an italian bachelor student preparing the GMAT to ente to the Master, and due to the fact I did not know exactly how to start, I discovered about Target Test Prep on this site. Trust me when I say that this is the best course you can find avaiable online.Their site and plane are truly amazing, with many REAL questions to practice daily. The course methodology was the key to improve my study methodoly and truly understanding what type of questions I was going to be asked. Also the way it is designed it helps you customise your tests and find your weak and strong areas.I would recommend it as a must resource for anyone aiming for an high score in GMAT!!!
A truly enjoyable learning process!!

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