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Re-taught myself math, got a 770


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I started my GMAT journey last March, when COVID shut everything down. I figured it'd be a great time to shut myself in and prepare for a few months. When I started studying, I took a diagnostic test from the GMAT Official Guide, and I remember stopping something like 15 questions in because I was guessing on every single question. I didn't remember any math at all from my high school days, and I didn't study math in college either. I never got my diagnostic score because I was so bad at it I couldn't even finish the exam.

I tried the Target Test Prep trial version and found it very accessible and well constructed. After the trial ran out, I bought a subscription and started studying for 1-2 hours a day every day. I only used it for Quant, and over the past year, I re-learned everything I had forgotten about math over the past decade. I found TTP to be extremely helpful. The video explanations and problem solutions were easy to understand, the pacing of the course was perfect for me while I worked a full time job, and the lessons were constantly updated to be more comprehensive. I took the GMAT last month and scored a 50V / 48Q / 770 total, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without TTP. I don't know what my original score would have been since I quit the diagnostic halfway through, but I imagine I improved by a margin of at least 150 points, if not over 200. Strongly recommend for anyone struggling with math like I was!

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