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Look no further for GMAT Quant (and now Verbal too)!


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I thought I could get a good GMAT quant score just by brushing up on my maths concepts. Easy right? Not at all. The GMAT quant section is a different beast, and I was not prepared for it. I realised I had gaping holes in some of my concepts. After wasting a couple of months studying from a few popular books, I finally signed up for TTP. I had seen glowing reviews, but did not imagine the course to be this thorough.

Each module first explains the concepts, and then drills them into your head with the sectional tests. I did all the modules and all the sectional, and review tests in order. It definitely took me some time, but do keep in mind the course is front loaded i.e. the first few modules take longer to complete. I spend 250+ hours on the platform and solved over 3500 problems. The fact that the platform is so well designed and thought-out also helps.

When I started taking Practice Tests, I felt great. No question type felt unfamiliar, and that was true even for the actual GMAT. I used the practice tests to better my timing strategy - which was also something the TTP team covered during the initial strategy call they offer.

The verbal module is also great, and very very extensive. I personally did not complete the whole thing, but if you have the time, I highly recommend it.

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