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I had a very toxic relationship with Quant or maths per say. Since school, I was very weak in maths and never got the hang of it. The day came when I realized that I had to give the GMAT and had to do well in quant. I didn't know about TTP but used another 'famous' course. I took a baseline and got a 510 ( Q33 V27). After 3 months of doing that course I got a 590 (Q37 V34). I realized that I needed to put a lot of effort in Quant. One day, while scrolling through Reddit, I came across r/GMAT and a program called TTP had rave reviews. I went to their website and realized that they were quite unique in terms of selling the course. They insisted on us taking the 1$ trial and then only thinking to buy it. I did so and found the modules very very simple to understand. The easy, medium and hard tests prepare you well for what's to come. I also tried their verbal which was in pre-launch ( That's all you need for Verbal). They started from the basics and went higher up. I scheduled a call with Scott and he made me connect with my country's representative. He patiently listened to my weaknesses and analyzed stuff and got back to me with a plan and a method to achieve a great score in a month ( I had a couple of months only). I told him that I needed to score a 650 but he insisted that I can easily score a 700+ and a 48-49 in quant ( I laughed tho). I rigorously followed the plan for a month and they gave me a few days extension to finish the course which I did. I gave the official practice tests and started scoring in the 700+ range and quant in the range of 47-49. I was really impressed with myself and TTP. Then Covid struck my family and I could not strike when the iron was hot. Immediately after all of them recovered, I gave my GMAT online ( which was a disaster - 620 (Q47 V29)). I Immediately scheduled a call with them and they formulated another plan. I did the entire verbal course again and for the quant did their custom tests and read the modules in which I was making mistakes. I gave an official mock and scored a 730 ( Q49 V41). I knew I was prepared and gave the in-person exam and scored a 710 ( Q49 V 37).
From mid 30s in quant to a Q49- the entire credit goes to this amazing course.

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