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Target Test Prep 1 Month Flexible Prep Review


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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The Quant study is very organized and takes a holistic approach to ensure that you address weak spots.

Would make the product better:

The data sufficiency questions could be improved upon to include logic-based questions as several of those showed up on the real exam.

This program is excellent for individuals who want to go through each topic in detail for the Quant section especially. With the surplus of questions, you can get more than enough practice for each unit and ensure that you are comfortable with all sorts of questions related to the topic at hand. A really neat feature involves creating custom tests such as only including questions you have gotten wrong or spent more than 3+ minutes on. This lets you filter through the overwhelming number of questions to address certain pain points and develop your quant skills.

I used this program for 1 month plus the 5 day trail before writing the GMAT Focus Test for the first time. I used the accelerated approach as I was familiar with some of the topics already and had somewhat of a decent quantitative foundation.

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