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Target Test Prep is by far the best resource I encountered for building up GMAT test skills and knowledge from the ground up. I first began preparing for the GMAT by checking out some Kaplan guide books from prior years from my local library. After slogging my way through some practice problems without increasing my accuracy I switched to using the Manhattan GMAT app on my cell phone. Again I was lacking the rudimentary knowledge in how I was supposed to attack GMAT problems.

I made the decision to reset and purchased the TTP Maximum Learning subscription in January. I ended up having to renew for two additional months using the Flexible month to month plan, just because being busy working a full time job I hadn't been able to complete the course.

I scored a 660 on my first official GMAT only being about 30% done with the TTP course. I scheduled another attempt a month out and redoubled my efforts to finish the course. I was able to do so and scored a 700 just 29 days later.

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