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Hello all,

I am an American that spent most of the pandemic working at(?) my first full-time job, learning a second language, and knocking the GMAT out of the way. TTP was seminal in laying my foundation in Quant, and honestly, the only other Quant pointers that I can offer are to learn some unique problems from GMAT Club and allow for the Manhattan Prep practice tests to humble you on timing and difficulty. After building the foundation, the real GMAT is really just about skill/comfort.

I can say that I spent, off and on, some months studying quant. I took my first MPrep practice test and scored a 620. I was devastated. I would bet money that they were milking me for my money (maybe I can win my money back @MPrep), as after three Manhattan practice test, I had a game plan to guess on at least 5 problems to finish in time. I took the official practice tests: Q49, 50, 50, and (the real test) 50. The first Q49 was achieved with 15 minutes to spare, as I guessed and flew through the test- a joke comparatively. I was prepared all along from TTP. I wish I had known how wrong my Q44 on my first Manhattan practice test was and spent some time learning my native language!

Anyways, I recommend taking your time and nailing the foundations with TTP. Though, I took my sweet time with no deadline and the course is rather extensive, so I would be wary of wasting time in the course. As I realized quickly there are ample practice tests to keep you taking and reviewing for months.

Lastly, a minor point, whatever traditions/rituals you implement during practice tests, is to keep them for the real test. I am not saying be superstitious, but I do recommend drinking coffee at the same times, etc. I did not drink coffee, like I normally did with practice tests in-between Q and V sections, and I believe that hurt my Verbal score.

I could be making excuses for myself, but those were the major take aways from my process.

Good Luck,


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