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TTP is super comprehensive. TTP teaches you the basics, tricks and advanced-level tips to ace every GMAT topic. It also has hundreds of practice questions for you to master each topic.

Would make the product better:

More practice questions for the Verbal session. Probably the verbal CR chapters could be shortened. Some verbal CR lessons seemed repetitive

There's nothing like going to the exam and being super confident that you've covered EVERY SINGLE TOPIC in depth. TTP covers the end-to-end GMAT curriculum. There's a ready study plan to follow. The topics are systematically arranged: you start with the foundational topics and gradually move to the advanced ones. I learnt the topics from first principles - beyond just knowing how to get questions right. TTP will teach you the concepts behind the questions.
There are thousands of practice questions to ensure you're comfortable with each topic. If you're willing to put in the time and learn systematically, TTP surely is the way.

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