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Keep calm and trust TTP


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The biggest strength of this product is the attention to detail. Yes, the course is extensive, but it is for a reason. After every chapter, you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts tested and start to think like the GMAT question maker. Strongly recommend TTP for quants and for the foundation of verbal.

Would make the product better:

While it lacks a full length CAT mock test, it can always be purchased from GMAC.
Verbal questions/examples can be a little bit more tailored to GMAT style.

If you are in the hunt to find a great course, especially for quant, look no further. The quant modules are designed exactly to maximize your potential score and the chapters are well crafted. While the verbal questions/examples are designed specifically to test the concepts taught, they help lay the foundation and get you ready for OG. The calendar application is very helpful, and the whole team is very responsive. Shout out to Marty, one never feels like the verbal course is one sided.

Great UI, helpful error log, immediate response to queries, helpful articles in between the course and Scott's soothing voice make TTP a great product to invest in and to achieve your best possible score.

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