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Manhattan Prep GMAT CATs review

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Manhattan prep gmat cats are definitely one of the best cats available. I recommend them for everyone taking the gmat. They are available at a fairly cheaper price as compared to most other cats.
I have found them to be more difficult than the actual gmat so don't get discouraged after seeing the results. Instead, use them to identify your weak spots and fill-in the knowledge gaps. They have high quality questions 700 level questions which are really good for practice. The people behind the tests seem to have done some good background work. The tests have a very similar feel as the GMAT Prep or GMAT itself. Every test has a vast variety of questions. Rarer topics such as Bold Faced CR or Subjunctive Mood or complex Set Theory questions or interesting Coordinate Geometry questions, which I did not find in my experience with other mock tests/material were present in the MGMAT test in fair proportion. I would say...Go for it!

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