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July 11, 2019

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760 Q51 V42

Hard but is it accurate?


The math is definitely difficult. I feel confident saying that whatever math score you receive on Manhattan math is sure to be lower than what you will receive on the real test. As a result it is definitely good for practicing speed, fundamentals and word questions (which can be very tricky). Still if your goal is to get used to the format of the test, I think Manhattan is far off. The math questions don't match GMAT questions, often taking too long to solve and involving ambiguities in language.

The verbal section on the other hand is a bit easy. The reading section I think is the closest to the real test but the sentence corrections and critical reasoning are off. The sentence correction questions rely primarily on grammar mistakes with little attention given to nuance. The critical reasoning section follows standard patterns such as correlation equal causation and mistaken statistics (such as mixing up percent and raw numbers). As a result the verbal score on Manhattan could be much higher than that on the real test. Overall, not a bad practice test but the overall score is not reflective of what you will receive on the real test

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July 07, 2019

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710 Q47 V40

Take these when you are sure you are ready


I know most people talk about the intensity of these tests and I couldn't agree more with this. However, my biggest advice about these tests is: Do not take them unless you are scoring in the 30 points range. Taking these tests too early in your prep can be very demotivating. I had this experience when I took a test and totally tanked it.
Next advice would be to spend a good amount of time to go through all questions once done with the test and take a note of all the concepts that are tested in every question. These tests are known to twist concepts which can be an excellent practice for the real deal

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June 08, 2019

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Good questions and hard quant section. Highly recommend

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The MGMAT CAT gets on top of your head and keeps you going towards the best.

IMO: Quants is way harder than normal GMAT prep test or original test. Most of the question are in the range of 700-800.
Anyone aspiring for Q50/Q51 needs to try this and a score of Q47/Q48 + will most likely land you on the Q50/51 side on real GMAT.

Verbal questions quality is the best here. Pretty much what you score here will reflect on your real GMAT with +/- 2-3 points.

Overall if you are able to get, say 670-690, you can expect a score of 700-740.

Highly recommend.

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May 06, 2019

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710 Q46 V41

Very Hard Quant but good preparation

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This was a very good source for a good start to GMAT prep. I took 5 CATs and I am saving the last one for 2 weeks before my exam. I am scoring much higher on other prep course CAT's than MGMAT but I do find these questions to be a good preparation for the real exam. The quant will prepare you and you should not be discouraged by the somewhat lower scores on this section. Use it as a tool to learn rather than a tool to see how many math questions you got right. Verbal is pretty accurate, maybe a little bit harder too.

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December 02, 2018

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High Quality CATs


Quant- Difficulty level of questions is high. Hence, practising them would be lead to a high score. Good segregation after tests topic wise. This helps to identify the weak sections and improve accordingly.
Verbal - The quality of questions is good. Explanations for correct answers are not satisfactory, especially for sentence correction.
Overall - Difficult tests compared to actual GMAT. Good analytics. Need further explanations for answer choices.

Guides are very informative. Exhaustive for Sentence correction. Quant basics are covered and only advanced topics are available in detail.
Most of the 700 - 800 level verbal questions are available in GMAT club and look repeated.

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October 04, 2018

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680 Q48 V36

Manhattan CATs


Hello All,

I have taken Manhattan Prep CATs multiple times, and each time it has exceeded my expectations. Though there are always some questions which seem to be out of GMAT's league but overall the tests have been extremely helpful in determining which section should be attempted first and the pattern. Secondly, it gives a unique experience of how GMAT will appear on the actual date.

I recommend the future GMAT test takers to use MPrep's CATs to correctly identify where they are going wrong and what else cant hey do improve on their performance.

Also, the solutions are very good! One must look at the solutions of the questions that you have done wrong.

Thanks and all the best.

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August 09, 2018

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750 Q50 V41

Manhattan Prep GMAT CATs review


Manhattan prep gmat cats are definitely one of the best cats available. I recommend them for everyone taking the gmat. They are available at a fairly cheaper price as compared to most other cats.
I have found them to be more difficult than the actual gmat so don't get discouraged after seeing the results. Instead, use them to identify your weak spots and fill-in the knowledge gaps. They have high quality questions 700 level questions which are really good for practice. The people behind the tests seem to have done some good background work. The tests have a very similar feel as the GMAT Prep or GMAT itself. Every test has a vast variety of questions. Rarer topics such as Bold Faced CR or Subjunctive Mood or complex Set Theory questions or interesting Coordinate Geometry questions, which I did not find in my experience with other mock tests/material were present in the MGMAT test in fair proportion. I would say...Go for it!

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July 26, 2018

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720 Q49 V39

Manhattan GMAT CATs - decent at best


I purchased the Manhattan GMAT CATs earlier this year with the hopes to have a very realistic experience of the GMAT. I took 3-4 of their practice exams (did not finish all 6). Here are my findings:


SC: they emphasize too much on the meaning. While I have found meaning related SC on the official exams, they tend to be less than 1% of the questions. More than 50% of Manhattan GMAT questions have something or the other to do with meaning and why the answer is incorrect because the meaning changed. What's more important that the same logic that I apply to the official questions would many times give me the wrong answer in MGMAT.

CR: their CR is relatively OK. The same logic that I apply to the official questions works on this so not much to say. Overall, they aren't difficult and are probably 600 level questions.

RC: similar to CR, their RC is just okay. I have found that sometimes more than 1 answer choice would make sense. This is something that will never happen on the official questions. While one could argue that I may not know the content (see what I did there? it's called quantifying...), I'm pretty confident in my English as a native speaker.


PS: absolutely horrible. I learned nothing from this other than how easy it is to pull my hair out. Here's the trick: the official questions may seem hard, but can be solved very quickly no matter how difficult. It's a matter of finding the pattern and applying it. Here, it's 5 different steps required to get to the answer. Who has that kind of time? More importantly, how is this even relevant?

DS: same as PS. Too much work, no learning.

Overall: these exams will get you to a 600 maybe. The overall content isn't that relevant and I found these exams to be a waste of time and money. I have no gripes against MGMAT or the fact that I lost $50 - I just wish there was something that was very relatable to the official exam and so far I have found nothing to be close other than the official guides.

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July 14, 2018

Joined: Aug 20, 2016

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610 Q49 V25

Manhattan Cat feedback


Dear All,

I have used Manhattan tests for my last GMAT exam. Here goes the feedback -

I found the questions are good but very tough. Both Quant and Verbal questions are hard to solve. The questions need more time than avg of 1.5-2 min to solve in both sections, which was not the case with actual exam. If you practice these CATs you should end up scoring more on the real GMAT test than in the Manhattan tests. So MGMAT can act as a benchmark for improvement or as a morale breaker, depending on how you want to see it. There was +50 score difference between manhattan and original test for me.
Hope this helps.


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July 03, 2018

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640 Q49 V27

Most accurate CAT prep test for GMAT


I registered for Manhattan Prep GMAT Test before my first attempt of GMAT (3rd October 2017).
Comparison with other CAT test series -
Before joining Manhattan I was giving Princeton Review test series. According to my experience Princeton review Test series is not as matching to GMAT as Manhattan test.
CAT test detailed Analysis -
After giving the CAT test in Manhattan, You can get detailed analysis of the test. You will also get Your percentage of correct answer category wise (for example they will show You that You did 60% parallelism question correct in the test). This helps to analyse Your level more accurately.
Manhattan also gives detailed explanation of all the questions and I found all the explanations pretty good. They were easy to understand.
Comparison with GMAT -
I think for predicting Your score on actual GMAT, Manhattan test series is the best resource. During my tests before GMAT i was getting score of 620-640, and in GMAT I got 640. And in exam I was feeling that GMAT is almost same as Manhattan CAT tests. I think most of the people will get their GMAT score within variation of 20 from Manhattan tests.
So before giving attempt to GMAT is best to analyse Your level through Manhattan test series.

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