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Great Intense Course
July 22 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Mark Porath

First of all, the location, convenience of parking and complimentary coffee provided by the hotel in the mornings was a huge plus. Besides these additional benefits, I am mostly grateful for the instructor chosen to give this course. At the very beginning of the first class I expressed that I have a language barrier, which may impose a difficulty for me to comprehend and move at the same speed as other students. Not only did the instructor ease my worries, assuring me that terminology and math specific language will be covered in the coming classes, but also made me feel optimistic, letting me know that there are plenty of on-line resources for me to catch up at my own speed outside the classes. It was very relieving to have the instructor with a very personable attitude who was always available before and after the classes to go over problems I had difficulties with. Not once did he show a sign of irritation or superiority to none of the students, which was very motivating and encouraging. All my emails with various questions were answered fully and refreshed in the classroom.
Secondly, I have gained the perspective and the direction for my at-home preparation. I have been studying successfully and gained a lot of perspective throughout the study materials and the guidance provided by our great instructor. The books, on demand classes and Veritas app have certainly integrated into my daily activities so that I am able to study at work, at home and even engage my son in learning with me. I am certainly looking forward to my complimentary course re-take in a few months and, hopefully, taking a test thereafter.
I definitely feel that I got my money’s worth. Please make sure to reward your diligent instructor who surely gives your company a competitive advantage. I truly am glad I chose Veritas over other competitor GMAT prep companies.

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