GMAT Course Review
Pretty Great, Not Fantastic
January 09 | 2013
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Location: Online
Taught by: David Newland

The course goes over a lot of great tips to decode many of the GMAT tricks. It's also a great way to review everything that will be covered and give a well-rounded approach. The instructor David was great at keeping the class engaged. The problem is that with 3 hour lesson, probably about 2 hours is actual learning. With "dumb" questions from other students and random stories, I felt like time was wasted. Devoting 6 hours a week after work, plus all the homework and skillbuilder lessons was extremely time consuming. If an hour could have been cut out, it would have been great.

I found myself missing the regularly scheduled classes just so I could watch later and fast forward through the chatting and over-explaining. That being said, I would highly recommend my instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable and highly motivating.

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