February 24, 2015

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Ethan was my instructor for a week at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan. At first, I did not know what to expect; I only figured taking the class would help. Little did I know how much I did not know about the GMAT. Ethan made me see the test for what it really was. "You cannot beat the GMAT, but you can only hope to survive it." This was a very radical thought that actually changed my entire perspective about the test. By helping me to understand the GMAT logic, Ethan made me think about problems and approach them in completely different ways. The result; a significant improvement on both quantitative and verbal. I would highly recommend Ethan to be anyones instructor. He can show you things about the GMAT that you would never even have guessed about. He also has the credentials to back up his knowledge. Not only did I leave Veritas with a better mind towards the GMAT, I also left with a better mind towards life. As an instructor, professor, tutor and a friend, Ethan has no equal. To anyone who would like to improve their score, he could be your one and only stop.

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