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Veritas Prep - Dia Draper is awesome


Hey everyone,

I haven't posted much on this site, but wanted to fill out a brief review for Veritas Prep. I was assigned Dia Draper, who was absolutely phenomenal.

I spoke to all the major consulting companies (Stacy Blackman, Admisionado, Clear Admit, etc) and chose Veritas because a friend had used them previously, and I liked the fact that your consultant has specific AdCom experience at a top school. Dia had worked at both Tuck and Darden previously, which reassured me she really could "put herself in the shoes" of the admissions committee reading your applications.

I chose the two school package, and Dia did an awesome job helping me to really flesh out specifically what I wanted to get from the MBA, what my unique strengths were, and helped me tie it all together. The entire process was super friendly and easy - we spoke on the phone once/week for over a month until I got rough drafts for my schools together, and then she looked at all of them (not just the 2 schools I paid for, although the level of detail and support provided for the schools I paid for was definitely a lot more than the rest).

All I know is: I targeted 5 programs, got into my #1 choice (Columbia), and so far am 3-3 hearing back (got into all 3 schools I have heard from thus far).

I don't think the admissions consulting is NECESSARY, but I think it was VERY helpful and I'm glad I paid for it. Money well spent. And Dia is super nice! I'd suggest asking for her if possible.

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