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December 01 | 2016
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Wharton has been a great experience, but it has been more difficult than I had expected. There is definite truth when they say that you will have no free time, since classes, clubs, social activities and recruiting take up so much take.

The people are honestly some of the best people I have met - everyone is approachable and willing to help you out, no one sabotages anyone, etc.

Wharton also has a lot more to offer than finance - in fact, I think that more students go into consulting and tech than into finance.

The only complaint I have is that it is too far from where all the students live (or maybe that was our own fault).

To future applicants I would suggest visiting the school and talking to students to really learn what they think, the students are honest and won't sugar coat anything . Really learn what differentiates Wharton.

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Student body, diversity

Alumni Network


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Investment Banking



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