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Wonderful experience
November 26 | 2016
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I had hoped I would find Yale SOM's legendary community as to be as supportive and dynamic as advertised, but I think in the end it has surpassed all expectations. I have met the most amazing people at Yale SOM. The school attracts the type of students that have diverse backgrounds and prospects, and will seek to make an impact in a huge variety if ways.

The cohort structure gives a great starting point for leaping into the community. The integrated curriculum allows all of the professors in the core to be aware of the other things you are learning at any given time, and provides interesting opportunities for them to teach you to view problems through the lens of multiple disciplines. New Haven is a great place to spend 4 years, and contributes to the close-knit community. In your second year, the entire university is open to you, you can take classes at any other schools or programs, allowing you to tailor your experience.

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