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One of the world’s few owners of both a 99th percentile GMAT Score and an NBA championship ring, Brian would gladly help Charles Barkley (but not Karl Malone) achieve either. Since receiving a Masters in Education from the University of Michigan he has studied the GMAT fulltime since 2006 as the Director of Academic Programs for Veritas Prep. Combining his professional achievements with his personal hobbies as an Ironman and standup comedian, Brian might very well be the foremost expert on the GMAT in the world. Judge for yourself by following his always-educational and oft-entertaining GMAT Tip of the Week on our blog!

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August 20, 2018

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670 Q43 V40

Veritas Prep Advanced GMAT Live Online Class


Improvement 30 Points

Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Brian Galvin

Location Online

My journey took me from a 630 last December to a 670 in May and finally to a 700 this past weekend after taking the Veritas Prep live online Advanced GMAT class.

The live online class and the Veritas Prep resources including on-demand videos, skill builders, and homework really helped me get over that 700 threshold. If you are scoring 650+ and hope to reach 700+, I definitely recommend Veritas Prep's advanced course.

The live online class itself is taught by Brian Galvin, who is such a great instructor. I watched some of his GMAT YouTube videos before signing up for the class to make sure I liked his teaching style (which I certainly did), so check those out if you are weary. I assure you that he will not disappoint! The advanced class was 2 nights a week for four weeks, and I took the GMAT 3 days after the class ended. However, they recommend that you schedule your GMAT for about 3 weeks after the last class so that you have adequate time to review and prepare.

My advice for using Veritas Prep is to get involved in the class, do the homework, keep an error log to understand why you're getting questions wrong, and take advantage of all of the Veritas Prep resources. I certainly found all of these resources helpful in addition to the class, and I recommend other students to "do their homework" before each live lesson by reviewing these resources before each class. This helped me truly understand the material so that the live lessons could serve as an advanced review and strategy session. Best of luck!

Overall: 670 --> 700
Quant: 43 --> 47
Verbal: 40 --> 39
IR: 6 --> 7

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December 07, 2014

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680 Q50 V32
700 Q49 V36

Excellent Course


Improvement 60 Points

Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Brian Galvin

Location Online

I previously gave my GMAT, but was unhappy with my score. I decided to take a prep course with Veritas after hearing all the good reviews. The course has been well designed. The instructor was very good and his explanations were lucid. He showed genuine interest in helping out students and also stayed back post class if students had questions.

The course helped me understand what mistakes I was making and helped me think from a test makers perspective. It helped sharpen my critical thinking skills and improve my understanding of how to tackle both SC and RC questions. The books alongwith the course, especially for quant for very good. Highly recommended!

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August 26, 2014

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700 Q50 V32

Veritas Online Prep


Improvement 100 Points

Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Brian Galvin

Location Online

Hi ,

I enrolled myself for Veritas prep nline course almost an year back. The web interface is hihly organized and the problem sets are available both on the internet and in printed form. The skill builder lessons build up the base in short span of time. The Quants portion is very detailed and very thorough. There are few trap questions that will open your eyes and teach you what to expect from the test makers.
Verbal course is a equally appreciable. Each and every topic of SC has been covered with a detailed insight on the rules.
RC is extremely good. Their techniques are sound and flaw-proof.
CR is could have been better. They userd lot of LSAT question and i don't prefer that idea of theirs. i would say CR could have been better.

The bouqet of goodness continues with 10 CATs and few other added benefits.
Overall the course is totally worth the money. This course along with official guides can guide any1 to 700+ score.


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May 23, 2012

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730 Q48 V42

Top Notch Course


Improvement N/A

Course Veritas Prep Weekend Course

Instructor Brian Galvin

Location Gardena, CA USA

I signed up for a weekend class with Veritas with the thought that I only needed something to force me to get me started with my studying. Long story short, I was very wrong. Veritas helped me see that there is so much more to doing well on the test than simply practice and some conceptual knowledge. I was fairing somewhat decently with GMAT practice questions prior to the course but I was not confident that I was at that desired 700 level ability, and the explanations in the practice book I had purchased (ahem, Princeton Review) were just not cutting it.

In regard to the class itself, I can say nothing but good things. The four 9-hour day weekend course was quick but highly informative. It did take a little mental stamina to keep focused for that much time at once, but it was definitely rewarding. Brian, the instructor, was a real pro and it was easy to see that he really cared about the quality and usefulness of the class. The materials he passed out were very structured and succinct. Everything he went over had a purpose, so you really get value in the time you invest. Most importantly, the course doesn't just serve as a quick fix for lack of self-study as I had originally thought. Rather, it re-teaches you how to approach the exam by helping you be more efficient and think in a manner that avoids all the pitfalls the GMAT likes to throw at you. I have taken several practice exams already and am consistently scoring in the 700 range. I know that Veritas played a huge part in that.

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