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Our comprehensive online prep program features over 150 video lessons and 700 online practice questions and video explanations to help you conquer the GMAT.  Includes over 40 verbal video lessons, 250 verbal practice questions, video explanations after every question, access for 1 year and email support within 24 hours.

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August 03, 2018

Joined: Aug 14, 2017

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660 Q49 V34

Magoosh Verbal

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Improvement 50 Points

Course Magoosh Verbal

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The best part of Magoosh is that it available for access for a complete year.So you don't have to worry about renewal.
The question bank is good and explanations are also good. But for non native speaker it does less to add to the skill set.
Support is for sure the best of all.You can expect reply within a day .

But the team needs to increase quality questions in their banks. After they are exhausted you get the same question for practice test also which definitely gives a false picture of your actual score.

So overall it is good only if you are native speaker else it does less to help.

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July 05, 2017

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680 Q48 V35

Great video explanation


Improvement N/A

Course Magoosh Verbal

Location Online

Overall I liked their videos, it was easy to understand and go back to your mistakes. It felt as if I had an instructor by my side. Of course you have to pinpoint where you made the mistake, but if you still cannot understand what happened, you can send them an email and they will reply promptly.
I didn’t increase my score but liked their methodology, if I were to continue studying for the GMAT I think I would purchase their full version.
Also, I like that they have many posts on their blog, so when you want to dive into a topic, you can use Mike’s and Kevin’s material.

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July 26, 2016

Joined: Dec 05, 2013

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710 Q47 V38

Magoosh helped me fulfill my dreams


Improvement 60 Points

Course Magoosh Verbal

Location Online


I have been struggling with the goat since a couple of years. Initially I got a score of 610. Even after months of preparation my score barely moved next time around and I could hardly get a score of 620.

Thereafter I took a long sabbatical and thought that I would never crack the goat however I gave an exam very recently and got a score of 650. Although I this wasn't the score I was hopping for, I was convinced that I could improve.

I brought the Magoosh verbal prep. Initially I felt that it was very technical as it used grammatical jargon. However I soon realised and this was pointed out by the professors also that we needed to focus on the concepts and not what they are called.

I started going through the concept videos. The sc module is really through. The strength of the course is also in its questions. I finished the hard and very hard questions across the three modules.

At this juncture, I would also like to highlight the help that I received from the support team. They helped me analyse my GMAT Enhanced report. There was a phase when my mgmat scores were declining. I turned to the core team for help. Finally in the last week, they gave a simple most important tio that I need to revise questions.

The result of sustained efforts and coaching was an improvement of the verbal score from34 to 38. My gnat score improved from 650 to 710. Thanks for making this happen!

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