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Magoosh Quant and Verbal practice questions are good enough, in number and in quality as well. 1 thing, which magoosh can develop a lot is the way its Verbal program is structured. It is quite confusing in the manner and there is no continuity. They need to restructure their program. I finished the entire verbal program, but then I started reading Manhattan strategy guides on SC & CR, and then I came to understand that why everyone advises to read these books first. There are videos on different topics, but they are not aligned at all. Although, whatever they're lacking in the terms of videos, they do cover it up in the number of questions, and explanations of the answers to those questions. I would recommend to use Magoosh only for their practice questions pool. But now again, I have not tried any of the other GMAT Practice course, so I cant say whether the question pool with Magoosh is better than those of the others.

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