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MBA Prep School
The ultimate tool kit for MBA applicants: access to our complete library of how-to video, plus an online work plan, school news, school profiles, private message boards, and private webinars.

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     By iAqua4 33 6
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Some, but not all

Consultant: Tyler Cormney

I initially found about Tyler and Chris when I was going through some forums and found their advice to be unique and then signed up for an information interview to understand and go through my profile. This is the call when I was introduced to the online service which was very new. My conversation on phone had given me a confidence that this would be a worthwhile service specially from an international students point of view since it is difficult for international students to afford a full application service from an international consultant. This is where the MBAPrepSchool's online tutorials helped me a lot.

This is the first recommendation that I am writing for any service and honestly can tell you that the book and the online tutorials that have been created by Tyler and Chris are really really useful. As an applicant what we need is a step by step methodology to create an application. This is only possible with one on one coaching. However MBAPrepSchool's online tutorials completely fill this gap. Not only you get a step by step direction but also understand what any business school look for in candidates. By any I mean any.

The international MBA application journey is a whole year journey if you want to get into a top school. It is highly important to get involved in developing your profile as well as doing a proper business school search. End of the day you will invest a lot of money whichever business school you choose. And before choosing any school you need to choose your goals. What do you want to do after MBA? The best help apart from everything that I got out of this service - understanding and designing my goals (which I understand that no other online service is teaching currently) and how to make a better resume. The goals part is very crucial and I can give my two cents that all HBS, Stanford people will be using the similar goals (the way it is taught in this service) to apply.

The other very helpful part of this service were- the weekly/monthly group calls where I could clear my doubts and the forum questionnaires which both Chris and Tyler used to answer very promptly. I can attest that Chris and Tyler were instrumental in improving my understanding of the process and that has helped me to gain admission to a top business school in US.
Thanks Chris and Tyler.


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Its a product alright!
August 20 | 2015
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     By avik629 95 35

Yes, their 'offline' self-paced online consultant is more of a course than an actual consultant service. They do give you the tools/guides in order to do the most common things: select schools, prepare recommenders, write resumes, essays, etc. But its like this: they give you a very detailed recipe for a very good application. You follow the instructions but there's no one to tell you how much of a good job you have done. Only the adcoms know how strong your application is. Another thing I would like to point out is the advice is non school specific, whereas your application will be very school specific. Though you can ask them questions specific to you for clearing a particular doubt.

So, this is not a replacement for an actual living breathing consultant. Its a very cheap alternative for someone who believes in his skills of following instructions, and has a support structure to review his application (current/former MBA students). This can prevent that particular person from going all over the internet and searching for the same info on blogs/books or connecting with a lot of individuals to gain the same info.

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1 Commented by MBAPrepSchoolChris on September 13, 2015
Hi Avik: thanks for your feedback and congratulations on getting into Anderson! Regarding our digital products, we are pretty clear on our website that our online consultant offers our step-by-step methodology, videos, tools and examples versus working privately with one of our consultants one-on-one? Given the words that you wrote, we were curious why you gave us only two stars? If you're willing to share, I would appreciate learning more via phone, Skype, email or PM?

Thanks, Chris
Great service!!
November 06 | 2017
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     By 13Jun2016b 6 0
Consultant: Mariah Parker

I hired MBA prep school to edit my R1 essays. Mariah did a great job. She not only made my essays crip but asked me to include certain details that would make the essays tight and more interesting. Mariah also seeked advice from other consultants who are aligned to particular schools at MBA prep and gave me invaluable advice . There was a drastic difference between my draft essays and the final product. Moreover, the cofounder personally messaged me to ensure that my expectations were met. This just shows the company's commitment to its clients. Amazing service for a great a value!!

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Highly Recommended!!
December 19 | 2014
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     By Anonymous 0 0
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Yes - school of my dreams

Consultant: Tyler Cormney

I found MBA Prep School to be an excellent resource and thought it was well worth the monthly fee. I stumbled on the website/service through a series of positive reviews about their one on one consulting service and decided to give it a try. Although I would have liked to take advantage of individual consulting, I found using the videos to be the next best thing. They were completely practical, to the point, and they told me exactly how to approach the process so that I could generate the best application that represents me. I was really impressed by how well they de-constructed the process and explained what schools are really looking for in an actionable format - they cut through the “we want to get to know you” statements that ad coms put out and explained what they really are looking for. The examples that are given in the videos are extremely useful because they made the concepts concrete and demonstrated what a really, really good example would sound like in terms of tone and level of sophistication. Every example was so impressive and it challenged me to come up with the best possible way to present my own story.

I also made use of the various templates and example documents as models. The template resume was extremely useful. I wound up using exactly that format and just plugged my information into it. It really helped as I was trying to boil down a 7-page CV into a one page MBA resume.

In the end I was accepted to my fist choice business school (Wharton). It was 100% worth the monthly fee (and I subscribed for 3 months).

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