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MER (myEssayReview) offers a dedicated, personalized, and affordable consulting service to B-School applicants. With three decades of experience as an English teacher in India and the US, Poonam Tandon, myEssayReview owner, founded this venture in 2011 to provide highly personalized and dedicated consulting services to Business School applicants. Since then, Poonam, a Ph.D. in English, has supported hundreds of students get accepted into top 20 MBA, EMBA, and other Masters programs in the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia. The fact that Poonam is the only admission consultant who does not possess an MBA degree highlights the extent to which her storytelling prowess and commitment to her clients have helped them stand out.

A full-time consultant, Poonam works directly with each client, and to maintain the quality she is known for, she works with only six clients at a time. Since 2011, Poonam has achieved excellent success with her students, and 90% of them have been accepted into the top 20 B-schools. Additionally, her students have received scholarships (30% to 100%) from prestigious schools internationally. See the complete listing here.

No matter where you are, myEssayReview can help you create a stellar application that will earn you admission into your dream school.

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April 27, 2021

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One of the best decisions to work with MER


One major aspect of anyone's application is the essay, I was looking at what options are there to help to project myself in the best possible way.
I wanted to do the first draft even before working with any consultant, and during this time ended up landing on a page with sample essays to help me understand how to approach the application.
Was impressed reading different essay and ended up looking up who has created this must-have document and found that it was created by Poonam mam of MER ( myEssayReview).

Did a quick cross lookup and found she is one of the top-rated consultants in GMAT Club. Also, the value/cost was nicely poised to convince me to work with Poonam may for my INSEAD application.

She was generous to spend 45+ min just for a free consultation to understand my profile, my application needs and share in detail how the overall process would work for. Also, I was rushing to apply very close to the round 2 end date and still wanted to apply in round 2. With just 12 days in hand and a mountant of work to be addressed ( 5 essays + Resume + 2 LOR).
Mam was generous enough to accommodate and went out of her way to revert to me almost 24 hr every single time.
But my suggestion would be don't rush, give yourself time to pace this better.

Post initial draft for each of the essays, we have 1 hr counseling session on zoom to go over the essay and understand what all changes are needed and what the story which we should be able to focus on more.
This session helped to make the second draft much closer to what I would have wanted the ad com to know about myself.

She empowered me to let my thoughts flow and share the stories for the essay and used her magic to meet the word limit. She would not alter the story but would ensure these are crip and clear.
The resume review helped me to convert my multi-page resume into too clean and much suited for EMBA admission. She spends 3 rounds of edits which helped to refine the content

A very similar exercise for LOR helped with a high-level blueprint to share with my recommenders. She ensured the stories and viewpoint of recommenders are not altered at any cause and just focused on structuring / Grammar.

My application was accepted and got an interview call, really glad I worked with her for my application and the value addition it did in my whole process something I would be thankful for forever.

I would highly recommend MER, and very confident your experience would be very similar or much better than what I am personally experienced

Thank you Poonam mam for all your time and feedback at each round of iteration it helped to get the best out of me.

Ramesh Botta

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February 12, 2021

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Admitted to Chicago Booth!! Thank you Ms. Poonam Tandon


I signed up for MER services to help me craft compelling essays for admission to a top MBA program. I wanted to make sure that my essay is persuasive and was looking to find someone
who can help me gather my thoughts and create a perfect story.

I had an initial 1 hour Zoom session with Ms. Tandon. I believe this is a crucial step in the process because this gives her a chance to get to know you on a personal level. I am happy with
this Zoom session because it helped me think and brainstorm of ideas which are very important when it comes to answering some of the questions in the essay. Without this service, it would be very hard to compile all the important details required to write the essays.

The content of the story was one of the most important things for the essays in my opinion. I wanted to make sure I was using the best stories to answer the questions, and Ms. Tandon helped tremendously with this. She knew exactly what I wanted to express in my stories and she is great at helping you brainstorm ideas. All my stories were conveyed in the manner that I was looking for and were very effective. She is a fantastic storyteller and helps you to focus on your strong points. She helped me make my story unique and personal.

The stories in my essays were all over the place. Ms. Tandon knows the right structure and format to make the story as simple and as effective to the reader. Story organization was one of my main concerns but with her years of experience she helped me organize the stories for a
better flow.

One of my main concerns was that my sentence structure would be a problem. I wanted the essays to be free from any grammatical mistakes. With the help of Ms. Tandon, all these issues were resolved. She could grasp what I wanted to convey and helped me write it in a concise manner. I was very happy with the results. The essays came out perfect with her expertise.

Ms. Tandon was available to answer my questions through email at any time. The turnaround was very quick. This is a mutual agreement between both parties to hand in the required work within the specified time frame. The faster you deliver the work the faster you will receive updated feedback on your work.

Upon receiving an interview invite I reached out to Ms. Tandon once again to help me with the interview prep. I have never had a virtual interview before so I was very worried about how to prepare for this. The mock interview was a crucial step in this process because I could learn what I had to improve on and what my strengths were. She provided excellent detailed feedback and provided tips for the day of the interview. She assured me that I would do great and motivated me to stay confident. I was satisfied with this service and the interview was a success.

I reached out to Ms. Tandon at the very last minute of my MBA prep. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to write the perfect story with very little time but with her experience and guidance, we crafted the best essays possible. This was a great experience for me. She did a great job in expressing my story through the essays and I highly recommend her services to all prospective students.

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February 02, 2021

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Accepted into LBS’s MiF Program. Thanks, Poonam!

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I signed up for myEssayReview because I felt confident working with the CEO of the company, who has vast experience in the field. In our initial email communication, Poonam told me that ten days were not enough to create two essays, I liked her honesty and understood that she was not only about money. Some other consultants I talked to told me that it would take five hours. Communicating with her via email gave me the confidence to trust her with my application. I signed up for her services without talking to her.

I found the Zoom meeting valuable to present my profile and look for the possible routes we could take to achieve outstanding essays. Moreover, I felt she really cared to know the person well and understand his/her abilities to use them in the essays. I am grateful for her help in enhancing my CV and adding value to my essays by not keeping apart essential events in my life.

I really appreciate the effort and commitment she made during the process. Mainly, I would like to thank her for helping me understand that the essays were more about my life's special details and not a general idea with general statements that I was putting in my initial drafts. She took her time to understand my profile and use the best characteristics of my non-professional life to boost the content of the essays.

Organizing the essays was the principal differentiator of working with her. When she gave me the pointers for essays, I found it very easy to write them especially for the second one. Moreover, the edits were instrumental in making the story more compelling. As a non-native speaker, I felt her reviews were undoubtedly essential for the correct grammar of the essays. She improved the way I connect sentences and paragraphs, making the essays flow better. She answered all my questions very clearly and gave me additional insights to brainstorm and rearrange my ideas.

Poonam’s turnaround is another critical differentiator of her services, and I think she can publicize it more. Despite having plenty of time to complete my essays, it was important to have a quick response from her and know that she did not rush to accomplish the timeline we agreed at the beginning.

Overall, I am very pleased to have worked with Poonam. Her work has exceeded my expectations and made me gain the confidence I needed when I first started looking for guidance. Poonam definitely gave me invaluable help through all the process.
I will definitely recommend Poonam to any students, and even hire her again if I decided to continue with further studies in the future.
Thank you!

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January 04, 2021

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Prior to applying for an MBA, I had read great reviews about Poonam. I saw that she was able to help many students get into their dream schools who didn’t have the highest GPA or GRE score (similar to me) which is what made me very hopeful. I knew I wanted a consultant who could bring out the best in my profile, so I signed up for MER services.

The Zoom session during the beginning of this process was very helpful. Poonam really took her time getting to know me – my background, my hobbies, my family, and my work experience. I liked that she made me fill out a questionnaire beforehand to learn about me and suggest ideas for my stories. She got to know me on a personal level, and it made our teamwork even stronger.

The resume building session was great. I am glad that Poonam gave me feedback on including percentages to quantify my accomplishments, because now my resume reads much better and has a stronger impact. I am also glad that she told me to include my college experiences (extracurriculars + volunteers). Had I not had her as my consultant, I would have probably failed to include this and my resume would have lacked lots of vital information.

Poonam took the time to ask follow up questions to really understand my stories. For one of the essays regarding leadership, I was challenged to think / write about the process + obstacles. Poonam took all my information and polished the essays while still retaining the key elements of the story within the word count. In one of the introduction essays, she also suggested I include more details about my dance passion which I had mistakenly left out. She organized all the details and rearranged my paragraphs to make the essay flow and read better. The hardest piece of this progress was sticking to the word count, but Poonam reworded my sentences so effortlessly while still retaining the entire story. She did a fantastic job with this.

Poonam always replied very promptly within 24- 48 hours. Not only did she edit essays, but she also added in comments / questions which made the back-and-forth process easier.

This overall experience with Poonam was fabulous. Not only did she take the time to polish my essays and bring out the best in me, but she also took the time to understand me and know me. Throughout this process, I didn’t just see her as my consultant but more so as a partner. She was very reliable and there with me every step in the process. I worked with her on two schools - Kellogg and McCombs. I interviewed with Kellogg and got accepted into McCombs with partial scholarship!

I am very happy with her services and I would definitely recommend her to any prospective applicants in the future! Thank you for all your help, Poonam!

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July 20, 2020

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I had worked with Poonam four years back, but I could not complete the application due to a family medical emergency. This year, when I again decided to pursue an MBA, I reached out to her. Honesty, the first thing I wished was that Poonam should have the bandwidth to work with me. Luckily, she did. I admire Poonam for her commitment during the review process, and I feel comfortable working with her. I like that she is very professional and always expects the best out of the applicant in drafting essays and resume, and until that happens, she will not let that the applicant go.

The counseling sessions were helpful as I was able to understand her expectations regarding the essay structure and the flow of ideas. I also appreciate and thank her for flexibility in scheduling another call, which was not part of our initial agreement. One of the best things about her service is that she is candid with her guidance on the essay content. When she did not like the content, she straight away asked me to update with new content that addressed the essay prompt better. While working with her, I was confident that if she was convinced with the essay content, then the admission committee would also like it.

Coherent organization of details is another strong component of her service. After working with her, I realized that I should improve a lot on the structure and organization. She is skilled in asking relevant questions to get the right content from you and help you present your story in the best way possible. She always put in efforts to trim the essays to the allowed word limits by making appropriate sentence structure changes.

Poonam’s guidance on my résumé was equally valuable. I was really impressed with her thought process in getting the best resume. She made sure that I brought out my achievements in the resume in a quantitative manner. She was always patient enough to hear my queries and answer the same. I never had any hesitation in asking any questions about the application, as I was very comfortable working with her.

Her response time was also perfect. She reverted within the timeline that is promised on her website (24-48 hours), sometimes even earlier. Actually, she went above and beyond my expectations, as listed on the MER website. Given another opportunity, I will be glad to work with her again.

I am delighted with the overall service Poonam provided. I am happy to say that I am accepted into my dream school, Chicago Booth. Without Poonam, it would not have been possible. I will be very pleased and happy to refer her to the prospective applicants.

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May 28, 2020

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Accepted into Kellogg MBA Program- Thank you Poonam

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I signed up for MER for essays and recommendation services for my MBA application. MER offers an extensive list of services, and the overall price was reasonable. For my Essays, I had a 90 minutes counseling session with Poonam. During this time, she understood my profile and brainstormed ideas from my past experiences. She provided suggestions on my responses and edited the draft by correcting sentence structures and grammar, and finally articulated my story clearly in the essays and ROL. All this was done in a very short time. After submitting my application, I got accepted into Kellogg!
For prospective MBA Applicants, I strongly recommend Poonam services and I'm glad I chose her services.

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April 20, 2020

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710 Q49 V38

Essays + LoR + CV Package


I signed up for MER because needed advice in choosing the right stories to tell, how to tell, and make them connect properly. In the first counseling session, we discussed my background and accomplishments, which helped me a lot to improve the essay. She understood my story well and helped me effectively position them. I liked how she structured one essay to the other one and helped me align them to the LoR to make sure the complete picture looked fine. I think proper organization is Poonam’s strongest point! She was a great help in organizing details to make the story flow better, especially because my essays were huge, and I had difficulty in putting everything together to fit on the word count. Her editing skills are excellent, and the final versions were perfect in content, organization, and grammar.

Her guidance on the LoR was excellent. My recommenders also commented that her feedback was constructive to help them improve the LoRs. I didn’t raise many questions other than the comments on the word files; all my questions were replied satisfactorily. Everything worked fine, including turnarounds, as we agreed before starting our work. I liked the result, and I feel that my application would be definitely much weaker without her help. I am happy to be accepted into the full-time MBA program of M7 program – MIT. Overall, I enjoyed working with Poonam, and I would like to recommend MER services to prospective applicants.

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April 08, 2020

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660 Q44 V37

Accepted into Kellogg MBA Program


Working with Poonam from MyEssayReview was a fantastic experience from start to finish and a successful one. Poonam is diligent and efficient with her work, and on my short timeline, this was critical. She was able to push the pace to give us plenty of time to work diligently, with time to spare. I had two very rough drafts, and Poonam was able to take a tailored approach to each one, which helped me develop them into well-told stories that I couldn’t have been happier with.

The 1-hour skype session was fantastic for establishing rapport and understanding of each other’s style and personality. I felt that we were able to introduce ourselves, establish goals and objectives, and also answer initial questions on the prompts and drafts within an hour. We did some brainstorming as well and were able to come up with a game plan efficiently. I felt that my voice and story were well-understood from the first time I submitted a draft. The skype session reinforced this, and I was comfortable with the tone of each edit and how it matched my intent.

Writing has never been my strength, and from the beginning, Poonam learned about the stories I wanted to tell and the personality I wanted to shine through, providing feedback on how to achieve that. Poonam helped me break down both prompts much better than I had on my own and weave everything together in a way that was consistent and meaningful. I struggled a lot in organizing my thoughts. It was a blessing to have my words restructured in meaningful ways; the edit tracking helped see the progression and rationale behind each change.

My questions were always addressed in a timely manner. The dialogue was always open, and the turnaround time was better than the 48-hour target. She was very diligent and timely in returning drafts and revisions ahead of schedule, which helped me finish both essays on a very short timeline and apply earlier than I thought I’d be able to. Poonam also took the time to bring in additional resources, sharing examples she had worked on for similar prompts when I was struggling to communicate a story the way I wanted.

Everything was fantastic, and I appreciate the accelerated service. I am accepted into Kellogg’s part-time MBA program. I would recommend MER services and plan to online and to friends.

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March 25, 2020

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580 Q42 V28

Admitted into Duke Fuqua weekend MBA


I was looking for help with my resume review and essay review. When I browsed through My Essay Review (MER) site, I really liked Poonam's essay samples for various executive MBA programs. The feedback provided by her clients on various websites was also quite impressive. Encouraged by these reviews, I decided to give My Essay Review a shot by signing up for a free introductory call.

My first call with Poonam was an introductory call where she tried to learn about my profile. What really struck me was her enthusiasm and positive attitude for my success. She was extremely transparent about turn around times and did not try to "over promise" her services. Even before I signed up as her client, Poonam offered a few suggestions on my resume. I liked Poonam's candid approach and signed up for the essay review and resume review services.

There are several things that I really appreciated about MER services. First and foremost, Poonam's process was very methodical. Every time we met for a phone discussion, both of us were in on the same page regarding the goals for the meeting and turn around times. This really helped in planning my application submission tasks as I was juggling a lot of things.

Secondly, Poonam has a knack for storytelling. Her discovery process for unearthing "aha" moments were spot on and very convincing. She asked the right questions to uncover hero stories from my professional and non-profit experience. The storytelling technique was useful to further refine my resume and essays so that my unique marketing handle stood out as a candidate. Very very important for a successful MBA application.

Lastly, throughout the process, I knew that Poonam cared about my success. She was very empathetic, encouraging yet candid. In my opinion, a very important but challenging set of qualities a consultant must possess.

When I completed my essays and resume, I felt very confident about my chances. I also enjoyed the process and learned a few strategies regarding the "Storytelling" process.

Overall, I am very satisfied with My Essay Review and recommend My Essay Review's services for anyone looking to embellish their essays or resume and get their true story out in the best possible manner!

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
December 27, 2019

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670 Q49 V33

While looking for a Consultant, I wanted someone who knows MBA programs well in the USA and has long experience in editing MBA essays. I got a recommendation from my friend and read some comments from other applicants that MER provides quality essay service and found Poonam to be the right person to work with. Poonam’s suggestions and guidance gave me a general idea about the workflow and what I needed to improve on my essays. Poonam was very patient to give me support even when I faced some problems in seeing comments because of tech issues. Going through the comments one by one gave me a clear idea about how to make edits on my stories. I got many insightful reviews and suggestions throughout my application process, which made me believe that Poonam had a good understanding of my profile. She provided a clear structure of the essay organization and pointers of each paragraph. Her logical feedback on how to structure the essay and organize details was exceptionally helpful as I had no clue about how to even start the essay. Poonam answered all my questions, replied to my comments in the essay, and provided me feedback about the decisions to be made. The turnaround was very fast, and I got feedback on the edits within 24-48 hours. It maintained a good workflow and encouraged me to keep pace with her.
My overall working experience with Poonam was great. So far, I have received admits from 3 schools - Kelley, Simon and Questrom with huge scholarships. My success would not have been possible without Poonam’s help and support. I greatly appreciate every bit of work she has helped me with. I would gladly recommend her services to prospective MBA candidates. Thank you very much, Poonam, and I wish you well in every aspect of your life!

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.

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