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GMAT Club Tests
GMAT Club Tests offer hard Quant CAT tests and a smaller number of verbal tests (over 1,100 quant questions and 388 verbal questions). The questions are generally above average difficulty though some easier ones have been introduced as well. You can see exact distribution of questions here. To learn about the scoring algorithm precision, please see this discussion. Finally GMAT Club tests require a subscription but 10 days a year, we offer them for free on US public holidays.

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GMAT Club Tests review
March 13 | 2016
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     By korrag 40 9

The Gmat Club tests are a must have if you are aiming for a 700+ score. I had taken my last GmatClub CAT before November 2015, hence this review doesn't cover whatever improvements have been done after that time.

The quant part of the CAT have the best questions that you will find anywhere. And it's not just the questions themselves, the explanations provided also help you uncover many shortcuts and help strengthen your core concepts. Admittedly, I found them to be a little harder than the GMAT quant questions, but that should help you be better prepared for the final test. And also, you can take the quant section or verbal section one at a time, which gives great flexibility when you are hard pressed for time.

Now the not so good thing about the tests... Although the questions themselves were top notch, the scoring algorithm seemed to be a little off. My quant scores in the CATs were a little spread out (45-50) and the hard questions keep coming at you from around the first 5 questions, which wouldn't usually happen in the real exam. So you might find yourself running out of time, but again, this should be good for practice.

And the really bad part about the tests? The verbal section! To me it was utter waste of time. I completed 3 verbal CATs and scored V30/31 in all of them (I'm really not that bad). Quite a few of the answers seemed debatable and few questions were not very GMAT like.

With all these pros and cons, I used my GmatClub tests subscription for 6 months and then I had renewed it for another 6 months. Simply because practicing the quant section really helped boost my confidence. The first time I got a Q50 in the GmatClub tests I felt like NOW i'm ready for the actual GMAT. I had used the GmatClub tests along with MGMAT/Veritas tests to practice the CATs, and I will suggest the same strategy to others appearing for the GMAT.

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1 Commented by GMATHEW on June 22, 2016
Thanks for the review! What has seemed to work the best for your Verbal Prep?

My last attempt I got 690 (44Q / 40V) (after a 670 and my first attempt which I'll just say was a mulligan...) and I'm hoping to ideally gain a couple points in each section.

Don't get me wrong I was happy for the most part, but...I stupidly lost 1.5+ minutes on the quant section after a slow sign-in & brain-fry / skewed sense of time, all of which definitely could have prevented me from reaching 700-territory. 690 is good, but it's so dang competitive these days & I wasn't accepted at my two schools of choice (NYU & Columbia) - of course the most important result...

I've had some of the same feelings about GMAT-Club & other online verbal sources; I've been especially disheartened when I notice several legitimate gripes about a fair amount of Verbal answer rationales and even straight-up typos, comma issues etc.

I think I'll sign up for another run on the GMAT Club tests / quizzes primarily for the great Quant, although I still don't have a good Verbal source (aside from the few remaining 'New' 2016 OG / Review questions & a handful of Magoosh questions). To qualify my 'gripes' above, I have found that Magoosh and of course OG answers & explanations have made sense, or I made a dumb mistake etc.

Anyway thanks again for your review, and if you (or anyone reading this) has any recommendations for the best verbal questions / answers & explanations, please let me know!

2 Commented by nikhilnaren18 on August 11, 2016
Hey guys so I have recently taken up the gmat exam and I have tried the practice test series of Manhattan , Veritas and Kaplan along with the two free practice test and my rankings would be as follows:

1. GMAT Prep Official Software : This mimics the actual gmat test as close as possible and would give you the best possible estimate where you might land on the actual gmat. The questions are relevant and the scoring too.

2. Manhattan Test series : They have a very good question bank and prepares you really well for the actual exam. The scoring system is also pretty much accurate.

3. Veritas Test series : This is equivalent to Manhattan. I have just put it after manhattan because the questions may be a just little less competent than the manhattan. I say this because after you have given a couple of tests one or two question in the subsequent tests may be repeated or are very much similar that you know the answers without solving them. The scoring is also pretty much accurate. The advantage of Veritas over manhattan is that the analysis after the test that it provides-pretty detailed and helpful.

4. Kaplan Test : The questions of this test are equally good compared to manhattan. However, the scoring system seems to be inflated. So if you are giving the test in order to boost your morale then this might be a good pick :-p . The test taking experience and questions are on par with the other test series.

I hope the post helps!

Happy preparations and best of luck for GMAT.
3 Commented by krunal155 on October 04, 2016
I want some practice test at free such as .
Any workaround which i can use to access all tests freely without any subscription
Tests Products Review
GMAT club tests
February 08 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By chetan2u 6537 8622

The Gmatclub tests, especially so the Quant questions are a very good set of Questions for anyone targeting 700+. If you can score well in these tests and understand the nuances and logic behind each question, you are sure to do well in the actual GMAT. Use these questions to enhance your score but best is to use them in mocks rather than using them as standalone questions and then review each question.
Therefore GMAT club tests are a must do for any one and everyone dreaming of a high Quant score. Use all the resources you have judiciously.
All the best for your GMAT preparations.

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Tests Products Review
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Dinkar1910 13 6

These tests are best available tests for Quant in the market. The exam screen interface is perfectly GMAT like. The scoring pattern seems to imitate GMAT's. The level of difficulty is a bit on the higher side of actual GMAT. Scoring in the range of Q48-50 on Gmatclub quant tests will put you in top 90%ler group on GMAT i.e Q50+.
It is worth single penny and the explanations are easy to understand. Best investment for improving Quant.

Verbal tests too will not fail to impress you to show your true Verbal level. Overall it is the best mock available after GMAC mock.

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Tests Products Review
Why and Why not?
August 07 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By GMATbuster92 86 9

Let me answer why question first.

Why you need to have Gmat Club Tests?

1) Great collection of 600-700 and above question , each wrong answer tells you a new way to improve yourself.

2) Questions are as per GMAT , I have tried questions from various sources , what happen sometimes is that they put questions which are irrelevant to GMAT or require lengthy calculations or a theorem specific ---> GMAT club tests are good in that way, I think No Nonsense test better describe them

Note : I will recommend everybody who have tried Gmat test keep them as your collection which you can refer anytime

Now the hard part Why not?

1) I think this what I have read in many reviews and so will you, the scoring algorithm seems to be way off the mark. I got Q47 with 12 questions wrong (seems impossible to me on real one) .

2) The level of questions, again they are of high level , but then that is the problem you don't expect every question to be of that level in GMAT.

3) No full mocks , at least let us test whether we will be able to take complete test in one go or not. They should really work on it.

I don’t know what their basis is for having so hard quant, But it would be great if there test is close to real GMAT, it gives confidence that you can rely upon and that is what you want from a Test. If you know that Test you have given is tough and that’s why your score is good doesn’t make any sense to me but then it is just my opinion

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Tests Products Review
The best resource for Quant
August 07 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By FillFM 66 26

The best tools to master GMAT-specific math skills ... Without a doubt, the math tests here were the best tools to improve my math skills.
The questions are hard and will prepare you mentally for any kind of questions that you will be facing on the real GMAT.
The algorithm seems a close match with GMAT prep and most importantly the solution to the 700+ questions are amazing. I highly recommend it to ANYONE studying for the GMAT. Expect at least +2 point in real scale quant grade vs GMATClub.
Always read Bunuel's solution techniques even on questions you got right because he will teach you the tricks to solve the questions faster.

To improve, I suggest to increase the number of Verbal tests. It is really important as it's a big selling point to the non native speaking GMAT takers.

Thank you!

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Tests Products Review
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By lori 2 0

Hi all,

Have been thinking of writing review for a long time after benefiting from numerous others. After getting a 690 , I am currently preparing to get a higher score.
My Quant had never bothered me until i came across the DS during my preparation for GMAT. After preparing for a considerable time i realized that i was missing out on the check points that are essential to solve DS. Then i came across a review of the club tests which suggested that they are pretty good. Desperate to improve i decided to subscribe and i could tell you that it was one of my best decisions. Why?
1. The club tests cover all the sections of quant thoroughly
2. Questions are well made and force you to think as the test makers.
3. If you are the one making too many silly mistakes perhaps because you are overlooking facts mentioned in the question stem, then the sheer number of questions available in the club tests is definitely going to help you over come your weakness.
4. Explanations are very clear
5. The more you practice them, the more you develop on your check list for solving DS questions

As for verbal i found some questions " not so GMAT like " but if you want to practice in the new time format, the club tests are definitely helpful

Solving GMAT club test questions has been a huge learning process.

Happy preparing for GMAT!!

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Amazing exercises
August 06 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By mathbap 0 0

I would like to thank gmat club test, because it has helped me to improve my skills to beat the Gmat. With a complex material and detailed questions totally explained, it makes easy to complete the exercises and learn from them. Im going to take the exam within 3 weeks, and finally im feeling so much better prepared than two months ago. So you should get stuck and, subscribe to the GMAT club to enhance your skills and take the GMAT confidentially. It is a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and do specific exercises to improve your accuracy on Gmat, so subscribe it.

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Tests Products Review
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Rahul2511 2 0

I came across GMAT club test via different posts when I searched for how to go from Q49 to Q51.
I got the free subscription with eGMAT course. My quant score was already consistent at 49 and I wanted to push it further to 50-51. So I started with these tests and it really startled me in the beginning. In the initial 5 tests i was not able to score more than 46. Also, the i was lagging behind time in each and every test which led to guessing 6-7 questions in the end. This was the level of questions and the low score encouraged me to practice more and more out of it. This not only improved my timing but also the gave me confidence on my answers till the last question.
I recommend these test to one who is really looking forward to score in range of 49-51. The practice of 26 test is really something that would make one to feel at ease during actual GMAT Quant.

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Tests Products Review
GMAT like test experience
August 05 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By psahoo 3 5

I have used GMAT club tests and find it very similar to actual GMAT exam.
GMAT club tests have following advantages:
1. Huge repository of questions to prepare. All questions are of GMAT standard.
2. Test experience is similar to actual GMAT exam.
3. It is cheaper compared to other mock tests available.
4. It truly reflects where one stands. I have taken both GMATprep tests and GMAT club tests and find that my results are consistent which proves that GMAT club tests are true reflection of actual exam.
5. No of quant mock tests are specially noteworthy because no other test prep company provides such huge number of tests to practise.
6. Analysis of results are very helpful. It represents through graphs and pie charts. It indicates strong and weak areas. Avg time taken per question. Fastest attempted question. Slowest attempted question. It also provides accuracy percentages per difficulty level groups.
7. One can easily review wrongs attempts and also correct attempts. Explanation of each question's answer is detailed and elaborate. It helps most in strengthening concepts and approach to answer questions.

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Tests Products Review
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By akanksha26 0 0

I was always good in quant and struggling with verbal prep. Hence most of my focus was on preparing for verbal. It used to bother me that I’m not practicing quant everyday however. Luckily gmatclub has an amazing question bank of both free and paid question sets. For a really reasonable price gmatclub gives access to top quality quant questions . In the last two weeks before my GMAT exam I plan to practice gmatclub quant papers everyday. I don’t think I will need any other material to aim for a q50-51. I already had a q49 in my last exam and i hope to score higher thanks to this amazing resource I got access to through e-gmat

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