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GMAT Club Tests
GMAT Club Tests offer hard Quant CAT tests and a smaller number of verbal tests (over 1,100 quant questions and 388 verbal questions). The questions are generally above average difficulty though some easier ones have been introduced as well. You can see exact distribution of questions here. To learn about the scoring algorithm precision, please see this discussion. Finally GMAT Club tests require a subscription but 10 days a year, we offer them for free on US public holidays.

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GMAT Club Tests review
March 13 | 2016
12 out of 12 people found the following review helpful
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     By korrag 43 8

The Gmat Club tests are a must have if you are aiming for a 700+ score. I had taken my last GmatClub CAT before November 2015, hence this review doesn't cover whatever improvements have been done after that time.

The quant part of the CAT have the best questions that you will find anywhere. And it's not just the questions themselves, the explanations provided also help you uncover many shortcuts and help strengthen your core concepts. Admittedly, I found them to be a little harder than the GMAT quant questions, but that should help you be better prepared for the final test. And also, you can take the quant section or verbal section one at a time, which gives great flexibility when you are hard pressed for time.

Now the not so good thing about the tests... Although the questions themselves were top notch, the scoring algorithm seemed to be a little off. My quant scores in the CATs were a little spread out (45-50) and the hard questions keep coming at you from around the first 5 questions, which wouldn't usually happen in the real exam. So you might find yourself running out of time, but again, this should be good for practice.

And the really bad part about the tests? The verbal section! To me it was utter waste of time. I completed 3 verbal CATs and scored V30/31 in all of them (I'm really not that bad). Quite a few of the answers seemed debatable and few questions were not very GMAT like.

With all these pros and cons, I used my GmatClub tests subscription for 6 months and then I had renewed it for another 6 months. Simply because practicing the quant section really helped boost my confidence. The first time I got a Q50 in the GmatClub tests I felt like NOW i'm ready for the actual GMAT. I had used the GmatClub tests along with MGMAT/Veritas tests to practice the CATs, and I will suggest the same strategy to others appearing for the GMAT.

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1 Commented by GMATHEW on June 22, 2016
Thanks for the review! What has seemed to work the best for your Verbal Prep?

My last attempt I got 690 (44Q / 40V) (after a 670 and my first attempt which I'll just say was a mulligan...) and I'm hoping to ideally gain a couple points in each section.

Don't get me wrong I was happy for the most part, but...I stupidly lost 1.5+ minutes on the quant section after a slow sign-in & brain-fry / skewed sense of time, all of which definitely could have prevented me from reaching 700-territory. 690 is good, but it's so dang competitive these days & I wasn't accepted at my two schools of choice (NYU & Columbia) - of course the most important result...

I've had some of the same feelings about GMAT-Club & other online verbal sources; I've been especially disheartened when I notice several legitimate gripes about a fair amount of Verbal answer rationales and even straight-up typos, comma issues etc.

I think I'll sign up for another run on the GMAT Club tests / quizzes primarily for the great Quant, although I still don't have a good Verbal source (aside from the few remaining 'New' 2016 OG / Review questions & a handful of Magoosh questions). To qualify my 'gripes' above, I have found that Magoosh and of course OG answers & explanations have made sense, or I made a dumb mistake etc.

Anyway thanks again for your review, and if you (or anyone reading this) has any recommendations for the best verbal questions / answers & explanations, please let me know!

2 Commented by nikhilnaren18 on August 11, 2016
Hey guys so I have recently taken up the gmat exam and I have tried the practice test series of Manhattan , Veritas and Kaplan along with the two free practice test and my rankings would be as follows:

1. GMAT Prep Official Software : This mimics the actual gmat test as close as possible and would give you the best possible estimate where you might land on the actual gmat. The questions are relevant and the scoring too.

2. Manhattan Test series : They have a very good question bank and prepares you really well for the actual exam. The scoring system is also pretty much accurate.

3. Veritas Test series : This is equivalent to Manhattan. I have just put it after manhattan because the questions may be a just little less competent than the manhattan. I say this because after you have given a couple of tests one or two question in the subsequent tests may be repeated or are very much similar that you know the answers without solving them. The scoring is also pretty much accurate. The advantage of Veritas over manhattan is that the analysis after the test that it provides-pretty detailed and helpful.

4. Kaplan Test : The questions of this test are equally good compared to manhattan. However, the scoring system seems to be inflated. So if you are giving the test in order to boost your morale then this might be a good pick :-p . The test taking experience and questions are on par with the other test series.

I hope the post helps!

Happy preparations and best of luck for GMAT.
3 Commented by krunal155 on October 04, 2016
I want some practice test at free such as .
Any workaround which i can use to access all tests freely without any subscription
Tests Products Review
Most reliable tests
June 30 | 2016
4 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By sairam595 355 86

Gmat club tests are most reliable tests. In my experience while preparing for my Gmat1 i have been using these tests where i used to score Quant 42 and verbal 25-27 and i scored the same in my real Gmat exam(Q-44 and Verbal:-25).Quant tests are very useful to learn/approach advanced questions and to refine one's skills and pacing. They also provide difficulty level of questions where you went wrong in Results. It will be really helpful if we were provided full length mock exams in addition to Quant & verbal tests!. Would like to very much recommend the gmatclub tests for one's preparation towards the GMAT.

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Gmat Club quant tests
October 21 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By Gerry20 3 1

GMAT club quant tests are the best in the market period.
There is no other test that will give you more bang for the buck.
I say this after taking tests from multiple test companies, including the GMAT prep.
The extra difficulty in the quant tests will make the actual GMAT seem easier. This I say from experience.
After going through the basics and getting the foundations in place, gmat club's quant tests will push your knowledge to the boundaries and although they seem daunting at first, you are forced to apply shortcuts to finish the questions on time.
Bunuel's explanation to the questions are where you will learn most of these shortcuts.
I can guarantee that if you are scoring 45 + consistently in your GMAT club questions, you will surely score 49+ in your actual test (provided you are in the same frame of mind when you took your gmatclub tests)

Bunuel's explanations are the best!!

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GMAT Club Quant Rules
October 21 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By tushardashing1234 1 0

Hi to all my fellow GMAT Test Takers,

GMAT Club has been essential to my preparation of Quant Section. It has vast pool of exceedingly good set of questions that not only help you attain required skills but also learn the required concept by practicing.
I was able to horn my skills by reviewing them further. The interface is very good and helps you revisit all the tests/practice sessions you have attempted. The explanations are very good and a link is given so that the user can see further discussions. I would advice every test taker to solve the complete set of quant sections if they plan to achieve the 49+ score in GMAT Quant Section.

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Superb Practice Tests
October 20 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report

The database of questions are really strong and varied across all topics in both quant and verbal sections. Provides an apt understanding of the current level of the test taker in each section. It also helps in analysing the areas in which the test taker is falling short. This is very helpful in focusing on areas of improvement.
Graphical trend for each section displays the progress of the test taker and depending on this progress, it provides an score estimate as well. This can help in determining how far one is from the target score and accordingly work on the areas that need improvement.
Overall - It is a comprehensive set of data and should be a must buy for all GMAT test takers

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Tests Products Review
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By quest800 12 5

GMAT Club tests have proved to been really helpful. The computer adaptive test closely resemble the real exam situation.

Quality of quantitative test is top notch, all the topics are properly tested. For Gmat quant, you do not need any extra practice besides what the GMAT club tests provide.In addition, you also get super useful analysis( weak areas, timing, how others are performing)
I would definitely recommend taking these tests to start your test prep.

Verbal Review: The verbal tests were okay, special focus should be on RC question. In real exam RC question are not as big as they are in GMAT Club

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Tests Products Review
Very good practice
October 19 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By naama234 0 0

I pay for this tests few weeks ago
I already feel more confident
I took the gmat exam and i want to improve my grade
This website have good questions for any level
If you dont understand the question you can read it on the fourm, many info on all subjects.
I got very low grade on me last gmat, and i sure i will get a better grade with this website.
If you looking for a tests like in the real test, you found the right place.
It help mange the time on the test and know how real test look and feel

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GMAT Club Tests
October 18 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By SR23 1 0

I am an engineer, so was by default good at the basics of maths and reached Q49 without any substantial effort. But I was struggling to get Q50 / Q51. The tests are a must if you want to score above Q50. The questions are not made difficult by adding ugly maths calculations but really test the subtle nuances. Quant can really be improved only by practice and these tests work wonders and give lots of practice. Additionally, they also have excellent view for analyzing weak and strong areas.

Many folks on this forum had recommended these tests and I also vouch for these.

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Tests Products Review
Excellent CAT tests!
October 17 | 2017
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By KaushalPandey 2 0

I was rally weak with my quant concepts initially , with a score of 44. I had exhausted most of my practice material when I first heard of GMATCLUB CATs. It was one of the best decisions I'd made by signing up for CATs.

I took a quant test daily and thoroughly reviewed the concepts. The shortcuts and concepts explained on the tests are pretty helpful in tackling even the most difficult questions within 3 min. Highly recommended!!
I now score a 49-50 in quant on every full length I take, no matter which company.

The key is to diligently read through the explanation threads and revise the concepts on a daily.

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Tests Products Review
My best resource for Quant
October 15 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By gmat.than.thanh 0 0

This time is my third preparation for GMAT. Before that, I did not invest much time in quant and I always took too much time in the test day because I did not have "best practice" to solve quant questions. The questions in OG and Quant review seem easier than the real test a little.
Thank to GmatClub Test, I approach to a very useful quant question bank, with classification based on difficulties and types of question. Each question has very smart answer which helps me a lot in solving the question in minimum time. Besides, the answer part also links to discussion forum so that I saved my limited time when preparing for quant.

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