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September 30, 2020

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680 Q43 V40

An okay Test


I had exhausted my GMAC mocks and needed mocks for practice and thankfully got Veritas Mocks as part of GMAT club bundle.

Look: The first task Vertias should do to improve their testing experience is to match the screens with GMAT. Ability to run on full screen is a invaluable, may also help in answering their verbal questions that tend to be very... more later.

Performance: There is a general lag between questions, I have tried using home wifi and mobile data both had a similar issue. This is the single biggest reason that may have caused my performance on the test to vary. The counter keeps running while we wait for the question to run and on Verbal when we are pressed for time this just plain annoys.

Verbal: I will give some credit here as it's not easy to create GMAT's like verbal questions but Vertias can do well by not stuffing the section with long SC and RC. It's almost like Long = tough on verbal, which should not be. Would rate verbal part as 6/10

Quant: Nice quirky questions, not too hard and unrealistic.

Analysis: Scope for improvement, please include section-wise performance metrics such as performance in algebra et al.

Overal, if you are looking to build stamina, an okay alternative to real deal.

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September 24, 2020

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740 Q50 V40

Veritas Prep Mock Test Review


Apart from GMAT Prep, my definite first recommendation would be Veritas! Out of my seven mock tests, the average was around 720 whereas my score on the real test was 740. In some of those seven tests I got a Q51 but thought that the algorithm never gave me the really tough questions one might find in their question bank. But I guess that goes to show their algorithm's accuracy as it was more or less the same difficulty in my real test. As for Verbal, it was a similar case with my mock scores ranging from 35 to 40 and my actual score was also 40. Integrated reasoning however was probably tougher than what one might find in the real test. With IR, my scores were 4s and 5s but I was able to score a 7 in the real test. Overall, a great mock test with a fairly accurate algorithm

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September 16, 2020

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Quant is really Good compared to verbal


These tests are really good.
Their statistics are far good in analyzing time, weak areas and strong areas.
I would strongly recommend this after official mocks.
I feel Quant is very challenging and verbal is a bit easy.
These tests helped in analyzing my weakareas with plausible explanations.
Veritas Prep helped me especially with the verbal section, giving me clarity on how the test makers think and what they are testing. I highly recommend this course in preparing for the GMAT.
This is worth the investment.
7 tests for 50$ is good.
I have tried other prep exams too ,and I feel these exams are worth

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July 16, 2020

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650 Q46 V34

One of the Best in the Industry


Well, I would like to really cut it short while evaluating and assessing the Veritas Prep test review.
When i was in a dilemma as to which test prep companies would be better to drill me through a close enough mock test yet reliable scoring algorithm , i had many options in my Mind. However i zeroed in to two Prep companies , one of which was Veritas.
1. The exam mode was set in different style as per the need of a student such as with Extra time or Recommended time etc. ( I chose only Standard Time)
2 . I can say the quality of questions are good enough for a mock . Some of the free mocks i took of other prep companies other than Veritas were really horrible. I am glad that i chose Veritas and their Question bank was really helpful which came along with Test set .
3. The analysis part is great where you can see what time you took and where you faltered and then it shows the graph which makes your assessment little easy to work hard towards your goal.

1. No break up of Section wise improve like Gmat club does in its test. Such as in which part of quant (i.e. Algebra, Inequality etc) you are strong or weak. This would have made my analysis more easier than it did.

I only could find one con which i told. Overall You can go for this test as per my concern. . Thank you Veritas ,

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April 07, 2020

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690 Q47 V38

Good quality tests


I have used to Veritas GMAT tests and the quality of tests is good. The Verbal section prepares you well for the real GMAT exam because the passages are long and you will be used to solving lengthy passages in your practice tests which will help you in solving shorter passages quickly. The quantitative section is good too. You can reset the tests twice and see the progress in graphs. You can create individual tests too in both quant and verbal. I recommend everybody to use Veritas tests for practice. Their explanations for all the questions are very detailed too.

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December 01, 2019

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pretty good but can become better


Excellent question quality
Quant questions on a tougher side but its good to prepare tough ones.the whole CAT series has covered questions from almost topics with multiple varieties of each kind.
Verbal questions are just the perfect GMAT level . just that the explanation could have been a bit more to understand concepts properly specially the CR .
RCs : the content or the length of the passages were a bit lengthy, but good for practice.
Apart from 7 CATs , You get a Question bank where most of the questions are 700+ level . this question bank particularly will help you build confidence.
they should elaborate more on the explanation part which will help us gasp the concepts easily.

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November 02, 2019

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620 Q44 V31

Think before buying


I read really good reviews about the Veritas GMAT prep and was excited to buy 7 tests at $19. When I took my first mock, which I knew didn't go too well (640 V32, Q46), I took the review very seriously and gave my second mock with positive motivation ended up scoring (630 V34, Q43). However, the test didn't seem to adapt to my answers for quant at all (Got 6 questions wrong of 31) but still stayed in the 550-600 score band the entire time.. A similar situation occurred with verbal as well, albeit a better set of questions than Quant (scaled up to 700-750 for 4 questions)

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October 31, 2019

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Incredible Quality, Even Better Value!

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Where to begin? Not only are the Veritas Prep GMAT CATs incredibly high quality - it really feels like you're taking the GMAT - but they are an absolute steal. I signed up for one for free and was able to purchase 6 more for only $19. If you feel like you already have a solid foundation about the topics on the GMAT and you just want some extra practice, these tests are your best option.

I can't compare it to other products on the markets - these were the only CATs I tried - but the results speak for themselves: I was shooting for a 710 or 720 and Veritas helped me get a 740!

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October 26, 2019

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650 Q49 V29

Value for Money


Hi Aspirants,
I got these 7 CAT's in $19 instead of $49 and I am quite happy with the money spent on them. I have used only 2 of them till now. They are great in training and building stamina. After the test, you get good analytics and bifurcation of questions with level, time spent and review option. It gives you a rough idea where you are and how you are tackling different level questions. Though I have some doubt in the algorithm on which it worked but that's not the purpose of purchasing them. It worked differently for consecutive incorrect and correct attempts. Anyway, let's not go to endless algorithm discussions, it's worth spending the money and recommend to others.

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October 31, 2019

Glad to hear you're finding the Veritas Prep tests valuable! Hey, since you mentioned the algorithm and that it reacts differently even under the same correct/incorrect response patterns, I figured I'd chime in with an explanation. We use Item Response Theory - the same adaptive model that the official GMAT uses ...we actually had one of the former GMAC psychometricians consult for us on our system - on our tests. IRT adapts using three parameters - the "difficulty" metric (the b-parameter), the "reliability" metric (the a-parameter - basically a gauge for how strong each question is as a predictor of ability), and the "guessing" parameter (the c-parameter, which factors in how likely it is that a correct answer was a guess vs. actual knowledge/ability). The system is designed to serve the next question by looking for the question that's most likely to give it the most possible information about your ability, and it gauges that using the A/B/C parameters. *AND* it's also bound by content balancing (so that you see a representative number of DS vs. PS questions, for example, and word problems vs. geometry problems, etc.). Plus we use a handful of unscored, experimental questions just like the official test, too. So the system doesn't always behave the way you'd expect it to based one some of the "get it right --> harder question; get it wrong --> easier" YouTube/blog tutorials on CATs would want it to, but we think that's a feature and not a bug...we're serving it up using the same IRT framework that the official test uses.

January 21, 2020

Hi Brian,
Thank you so much for helping me in understanding the algorithm tech. I appreciate your post. I did not received notification of your comment. Have a good day!

July 29, 2019

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Nice cat


First of all the price of the tests is great.
In 19 bucks we are getting 7 tests.
i have taken 3 veritas tests till now and found that the verbal RC passages are quite long than official gmat. Rest of the test is good. Definitely you can try.
My scores were 560, 620 and 630. So ya I have seen the improvement.
But on verbal side I have seen quite difficult questions.
Don't forget to review the questions after test to get the learnings.
Meanwhile I have find one thing not so good that the interface is very different from the original gmat and is quite difficult to focus as the background is completely white. They could have changed it a bit to ease our eyes.

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May 27, 2020

"the interface is very different from the original gmat and is quite difficult to focus as the background is completely white. They could have changed it a bit to ease our eyes." --exactly my thoughts!
It gets incredibly difficult during verbal section