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April 05, 2020

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Admissionado Significantly Enhanced My Application

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I hired Admissionado's Waitlist Consultant after being waitlisted at Kellogg, which was the only school I applied to. I did not have any professional review of my application prior to submitting, and I felt the need for a set of experienced eyes in order to navigate the waitlist process and make the most of my fleeting chance to land an admit.

I couldn't be more impressed with how dedicated the Admissionado team was to my success. When you hire them, you're hiring their entire team, not just one individual, and that made a huge difference. I firmly believe having them in my corner materially impacted my candidacy.

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July 24, 2019

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Excellent Service

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I prefer to work with a Chinese speaking consultant and then Admissionado assigned David Fung. I worked with David Fung on one school’s application. He did a very well comprehensive analysis of my application package and came out with a strategy and helped me identify my strengths to guide me during the application process. He helped me on each element of my application to polish it to stand out. I got into my dream school that I applied to. I don't think that I would have come with an excellent application without his help. I highly recommend their service.

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October 21, 2018

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Great experience working with Admissionado.


I am a re-applicant who applied five school last year and got 0 interviews, and I did not work with any admission consultant.

This year, at first I was skeptical to use a MBA consulting agency, but I decided to give a try to Phillip at Admissionado, and only applied two schools - Columbia Business School and UCLA Anderson this year at round 1. I have received two interviews from both school within 20 days of application submission. A 100% rate.

I believe Phillip played a critical role making this happen because of the following:

1) He is a very nice and easy going person to talk to, and also very encouraging when I had my doubts. This makes our email and phone conversations enjoyable, constructive and efficient. He would comprehensively analyze and design my applications as a whole, and give the best suggestions regarding my resume and application essays.

2) He has a very clear structure and philosophy towards essay writing. He told me to use this well-designed essay structure that would get me into all the top schools, because the structure was exactly what the Admission Committee looked for. I applied this structure to all my essays, and got all my interview invites already within 20 days after submitting my applications.

3) Phillip holds his editing standard very high. His editing definitely made a difference for my essays. For example, my first draft had 1000 words for CBS, he skillfully cut the word count under the 500 word limit without losing any of the content, even better - he made the essay concise, easier to read and its logic flow much better. He returned my essays fast with great quality to make sure I could submit my applications before the deadline.

Overall, I highly recommend Phillip at Admissionado to anyone applying to their dream schools.

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May 16, 2016

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memorable experience with Admissionado


I started my connection with Admissionado with a ding-analysis service about one month ago, when I just got a waiting list decision from my target school. I became so frustrated and started to cast doubt on myself. I cannot accept this is all I can get after 8 months of stressful preparation, so I decided to give it a last try. I heard about Admissionado from Jon, who is the founder of this organization. I have to admit, at first I had reservations, since I barely knew it and all the staffs are so far away from me that I can only contact them via email or phone. However, after I finished my first call with my consultant, Julie, I knew I made a right decision to turn to Admissionado for help. There are several things I would like to emphasize:
1) Firm but non-aggressive attitude: when I conducted the ding-analysis, I was extremely down emotionally and thinking whether to accept a 3-tier offer. It was at this very moment, Julie gave me a very firm opinion, after scanning my materials, that I can do better than that, and if I can't make it this year, I should reapply. Her affirmation totally raised me up, and her firm attitude, based on her professionalism, distinguishes Admissionado from those irresponsible organizations whose staffs could just present some ambiguous and non-constructive words. But she is not aggressive at all, please don't mistake here. In fact, our conversation is really chatty and she has always been supportive during all the process.
2) Always on time: although the physical distance between us is remote, it feels as if they are just around me, since I never need to worry if they will reply me. Especially in my last submission, the deadline was approaching and there was really not too much time left for me. Julie gave me unconditional support by helping revising my essay as soon as possible, though she only needs to reply me within 24 hours according to the contract.
3) Detailed, support and in-depth critique: I really appreciate those useful comments in my essays. I am surprisingly impressed by the depth and breadth the remarks have brought to my essay. I have to say, before the revision, I didn't have a clear thought about some foundamental points. These detailed, support and in-depth critique not only help me make a stronger essay, but also reshape my thoughts.
4) Faithfulness: because of my limited budget, I got most of my service in the hourly way. And Julie was remarkably considerate and tried to help make full use of it.

I have just finished my last interview for this year's application last night. Though I have not got my offer yet, I got to say, I can see clearly my development during this process on a much larger scale, and I will highly recommend my friends who intend to apply for MBA to use Admissionado's service.


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May 21, 2012

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Precision Essay Personal Consultant


First off let me state that my work experience is far from conventional. I knew this would be hard to frame, and I really was all over the place in trying to peg down my story. Then I went to Admissionado (formerly Precision Essay), and was assigned with Mark. He took the time to internalize all of my experience and helped me to develop and distill my story. He pushed me to grow outside my limits and make some hard decisions that I had been putting off. In the end, I feel like I know where I want to go (in terms of a career path) more clearly and this was translated to my essay. All in all it was definitely worth it, and I can recommend their services to anyone.

Timely turn around on products, and a very personal touch. It was like having a mentor from Stanford hold my hand.

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