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November 25 | 2015
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Consultant: Phillip Herring

Before I start Admissionado, I was skeptical. Personally I don't believe that someone could get me into the place that I cannot get myself into, especially with my own professional service background. However, Claudia spent so much time talking to me answering my questions to get through my hesitation.

I was in a tricky position before I apply to CBS - I DIYed 2 applications before this and none of them ended with even an interview. I quit my job for personal reason so I was applying without a job. On a candidate strength level, my GMAT is border line ( I retook it 3X but ended with even lower scores every time) given the competitive demographic I was in and I was not involved in any leaderships in NPOs.

Phillip spent more than 1 hour on the phone with me to analyze the strength and weakness of my candidacy. He provided a detailed analysis over my strength, including some I did not even see for myself such as I had some great involvement with people in my side business so that compensates any lack of extracurricular after I started work.

The essay went back and forth more than 5 times. Phillip really provided meaningful comments in terms of giving evidence to support the sentences that I was writing. He also provided the sentence structures that I can start with for the examples. For a English-as-second-language candidate, those comments were so helpful for me to write concise but well- supported paragraphs throughout the whole application.

Overall, I only applied CBS and got into my dream school. I would have not done it without Adminssionado.

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