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ARINGO has helped hundreds of people with GMAT scores below 720 get accepted to the top MBA programs by bringing out the real person behind the application. Founded by a former Wharton Admissions Committee Member, we know what the top business schools are looking for, and we will help make sure that your strengths will emerge in your application.

Aringo Consultancy Services
January 12 | 2017
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     By Dan_Liu86 1 5
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services

I utilized Aringo's services for the following:

- Application advice to particular schools (LBS, INSEAD, Tuck and Northwestern)
- Essay writing critique
- Interview preparation
- Scholarship advice

Aringo's consultants had an incredible breadth of knowledge for each of my target schools. Their consultants were beyond helpful and went out of their way to attend to each of my application concerns, and helped to identify and improve the weakest parts of my applications.

In particular, I found their essay critique and interview preparation to be the greatest factor to strengthening my overall application.

I highly recommend Aringo to any potential applicant to the elite business schools.

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Great Experience with ARINGO
December 28 | 2016
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     By Malluce 124 29
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Lin Zhao

Michelle and Lin were very responsive throughout the application and always provided critical feedback. I chose the hourly service since I only need to polish my essays. I was able to get most of my essays done within a short amount of time, and received interview invite from 5 out of the 7 schools I applied.

Once I received the interviews, Michelle was able to line up with different consultants from those schools to conduct mock interviews with me. I find it really helpful as I get to know more about the schools as well as the specific things each school is looking for.

Overall I had a great experience with ARINGO and would definitely recommend it to other applicants!

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     By gparissa 0 0
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Sriram Emani

After taking the GMAT a few years ago, I finally decided to apply to business school in late August. I determined that Cornell Tech was the school for me given my tech background and wanted to apply for round 1. I also wanted to apply to NYU Stern's part-time program (since they have a specialization in product management and could continue my current job), but needed the decision timelines to line up - the Stern application for round 1 was due in mid -September. With less than 1 month to prepare, I contacted a few consultants to review my applications. Aringo rose to the occasion and very quickly was able to help me polish my Stern application within 1 week.

After a very positive experience with Aringo, I contacted them again for my Cornell Tech application. This time around, I spent a few weeks working closely with Sriram Emani. I honestly couldn't recommend him enough! Although I had thought that my application was pretty much complete when I hired him, he completely restructured my creative essay, which definitely highlighted my story and accomplishments in an impactful way. After submitting my application, I was quickly called in for an interview. Sriram led me through the interview prep like a pro and I danced through the interview with AdCom.

With Aringo's help, I was quickly admitted to both Stern and Cornell Tech. Cornell Tech also granted me the Forté Fellowship and $60,000. I don't think I would have gotten such a large merit scholarship without Sriram's help.

Overall I found Aringo consulting to be extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and custom tailored to the applicant's specific needs. I'd highly recommend them!

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ARINGO rocks!
December 09 | 2017
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     By Amore 0 0
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Ann Chao

Aringo has world class admission consultants and packages. They provided invaluable advice and feedback for my applications. Initially, I was given a trial hour to take an informed decision about choosing Aringo and the consult
ant. The consultant was very knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. They discussed my future goals in detail and shared their professional and personal experiences in depth. Provided creative and interesting ideas for the essays and statements. I was able to successfully provide a 360 degree view of my background, experience, and personality to the admissions committee. The consultant remained in touch till I got admitted. I highly recommend them.

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Aringo Consulting
May 25 | 2017
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     By Stu777 2 5
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Rachel Segal

I reached out to Aringo a few months prior to the round two application deadlines and they advised me on the various options I could take. Aringo was professional and respected my budget constraints.

The process, which they use, is effective and thorough. Initially I had to send a wide range of information on myself. This allowed a number of consultants to help me narrow down which schools I should target. They each provided useful feedback to help me decide: where I would have the best chance of admission and which schools are most suited to my personality, past experience and professional goals.

After establishing which schools I would target, I was assigned a consultant who would help me with my essays and resume. My consultant was brilliant. She took time to truly understand me and what I wanted to achieve. An invaluable aspect was her attention to detail, which is perfectly aligned with what the schools are looking for. She reviewed my essays and would send comments back to me, in most cases, in less than a day. Her comments made me reflect on a deeper level and come up with more compelling essays.

After receiving interview invites from both Duke and Berkeley, the schools which Arigno helped me apply to, I also did interview preparation with them. The prep was incredibly thorough. I was completely relaxed and prepared, thanks to the mock interviews I did with them.

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ARINGO Hourly Services
May 10 | 2017
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     By cwalsh7 0 0
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Prithvi Raj

I used the ARINGO hourly services for help outlining and refining my MBA application essays and found it to be very helpful. They asked me very tough questions that helped me refine my thinking by cutting to the core of what I was trying to say to the AdComs in my essays. I highly recommend their services for anyone that needs help on their essays.

After an initial discussion to understand why I wanted to apply to MBA programs and what my long term goals are, they provided me with a long general questionnaire to complete. This helped them refine my essay strategy before working on the essay outlines. After multiple revisions, the outlines were shaped into the final drafts ready for submission.

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     By annle3112 0 0
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Joy Pincus

After speaking with Chaya the CEO and Joy my consultant, I decided to choose ARINGO because the company offers me the service I'm looking for when applying for MBA program.

I really like it that, ARINGO first made an attempt to understand me right from the initial call and through personal data mining documents, which include provoking questions about my educational and professional background; career goals, short-term and long-term; strengths and weaknesses; etc. Following from that mining process, a team of 4 ex-admission committee consultants gave their views on how my career goals should be presented and gave me feedback on what to emphasize (and what to hide) in my application.

Moreover, such services as Second View – each document that I finish will be reviewed by another consultant expert and Test Drive – My entire school applications will be reviewed by specific alumni also make ARINGO outstanding among other admission service companies.

Following from the data mining stage, I started working with Joy Pincus, whom I really enjoyed working with.

Joy was definitely helpful and committed. When deadlines came very close and I had not completed my applications, Joy made great attempt to help me submit them on time, even working on her weekends and during her holiday, but still ensured that they were of best quality.

She was also a professional consultant, which was demonstrated in her paying attention even to minor details in the essays or recommendations, such as headlines or spacing.

Her ability to inspire me, however, was what gave the strongest impression on me. Whenever I was stuck with finding ideas for essays or recommendations, Joy's provoking questions got me to come up with stories that I thought "Oh they are what I'm looking for, why didn't I think of them?!"

At the end of the day, I was accepted to my desired schools - Bentley University and McMaster University. I also received a graduate assistantship from Bentley which is equal to an amount of USD$73,800. That's a terrific number!

I would like to send my sincere thanks to ARINGO, to Joy, to Chaya, Gil, Lainie, and to other consultants who have helped me achieve my big dream!

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A team you can count on
May 04 | 2017
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     By BeaBravo 0 0
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Sriram Emani

I reached out to Aringo when I began investigating about admissions consulting services. After talking to Michelle for the first time, I immediately discarded all other options, for I was impressed in their disposition to help, their friendliness in making you feel comfortable, and their honesty and transparency in the explanations as to why a certain school might be a good fit for you. It was months after my first call with Aringo that I officially hired the service, all the meanwhile Michelle showed great follow up and enthusiasm in the process.

Given my current professional situation at that time, I hired ARINGO to apply in the last round of the university I was interested in. None – the – less, they jumped right in with me. ARINGO exceeded my expectations. Sriram, the consultant I was assigned to, gave excellent feedback on essay and documents he advised me on. He helped me shorten my essay from 520 words to less than 400. He was aware and conscientious about time management, in order for me to get the most out the service hired, something I was very grateful with.

ARINGO´s team was not only very professional, but they go out of their way in providing smart and helpful feedback, as well as in polishing your applications. In my experience, what I liked most about them was their excellent follow up, something I believe is key when you are going against the clock. I would definitely recommend ARINGO to anybody who is considering hiring an admissions consulting service, their team´s credentials validates their expertise, and their attention to their clients makes you feel confident you have a great support during your application process.

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Awesome service and huge help!
February 07 | 2017
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     By mingpeng2017 0 0
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Tim Potter

I'm very happy that I chose to work with Aringo. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and she's assigned Tim to work with me based on the school I'm applying for. Tim has been a huge help and a critical part of my overall application from the beginning. He's very professional and has a lot of great ideas in order to make my resume/essays stand out. Tim is a very nice person but he also constantly challenges me to think outside the box and to aim higher, which is super important when it comes to resume/essays critiques. We've done rounds and rounds of iterations of my resume/essays and all of this effort has helped make my application much stronger.
He also did a great mock interview with me where he asked insightful questions that's very important to build my confidence and be better prepared.

Last but not least, Tim has always been flexible and accommodating my schedules which makes the entire process even smoother.

Overall, I'm very grateful to have worked with Tim on my application and eventually got accepted to the only school that I've applied for.

Thank you Aringo!!

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Helpful if you are clueless
January 10 | 2017
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     By katecatt 4 16
This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Danielle Ulner

I chose Aringo because of its strong track record of students going to INSEAD and its unique selling point of helping applicants with a GMAT score of lower than 720 (me).

I used the CV refining service and spent a total of USD600 for what was about 6 hours worth of work. The main takeaways for me were:
- Formatting of the CV to INSEAD's requirements
- Helping me to highlight specific experiences which admissions would be interested in
- Helping to quantify successes and unique achievements

However, as I did not think that the services were worth the final output, I did not continue with the essay review package. That said, I felt that they were very professional in their services and were very responsive to enquiries, which I appreciated.

Eventually, I opted to work a platform with alumni who offer their essay-reviewing services and where you donate the fee to charity. I would highly recommend applicants to get an alumnus or two to review your essays before submitting them.

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1 Commented by NailedtheGMAT on February 23, 2017
Had a similar experience with Aringo ( 2 full school packages). Very prompt and professional, indeed.

I agree the final outputs are not worth the fee but most importantly, the value-add of the services (what they initially promise and what it is at the time of the delivery), given the price tag, is dubious. I will be posting a very detailed review separately.

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