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April 05, 2022

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Great experience at Aringo with Sriram and Jen


I had some really good experience with Aringo. After dinged twice in my round 1 application, I changed my consultant to Aringo for three schools in round 2 and received two offers from two top 5 business schools, including a top three with 75% scholarship!

The process with Aringo was very systematic. Besides working with Sriram who is fantastic and instrumental with helping me improve my application materials (especially my resume), I have been connected with past alumni during essay review and interview prep process - all of them have been extremely helpful.

I highly recommend Aringo, especially if you already have had a taste with the process, understand the process and want to go further with your application plan.

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July 29, 2020

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Amazing- blew my mind!

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You won’t regret choosing Sriram’s services. Honestly, he has been more helpful than any friend, teacher, peer, confidant I have met and asked for help. Prior to applying, I had gone to several people for help, but it was only after going to Sriram when I was able to actually improve my application. It was the best decision I made. As a result, I was able to get into my top choice MIT Sloan in Round 3.

Right from the start, Sriram was patient and very sharp to understand my industry and experiences. He was able to ask questions that helped me formulate my thoughts and think deeper about my application. As a result, I was able to carefully handle my weaknesses, bolster my strengths, and convey my ideas in my essays and videos in a very eloquent manner. Even more so, I was able to improve my writing quality by thinking about the why, the important details, structure, style, etc, which are all skills that are necessary in any kind of writing. Moreover, Sriram was also able to help me tailor my responses to the particular school I was applying for.

For interviews, Sriram was extremely patient. I really struggled getting back into interview mode after job interviews, but Sriram patiently highlighted the specific aspects of my responses that needed work, which left me with actionable items to work on. This is a gamechanger because most people give generic feedback or leave me feeling like I know what the problem is, but not how to solve it. Sriram’s biggest strength is getting you think about things in a different light.

Sriram is very friendly and amicable. His responses were so quick- most of the time < 24 hours. He has very high standards and pushes you to reach your maximum potential. He has plenty of resources and is an amazing person in general to get to know. I was just inspired just by his work ethic!

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June 04, 2020

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Thanks Sriram, Thanks Jen Thanks ARINGO

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wow wow wow is all I have to say
it is always best to work with someone who believes in you and cares about you and that is exactly what I got back here.
I spoke to 4 admission consultant firms - but Jen from ARINGO was the only one who thought I had a chance in R3.
I contacted ARINGO on March 10th and applied by April 1st to 3 schools. Sriram my consultant, was on my case from day 1 - suggesting improving, editing, supporting and leading the process
And when I got an interview for Kellogg and Wharton, ARINGO where there for me with 5 interview prep sessions
What can I say - Real pros. Worth the money, worth the confidence.

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May 25, 2020

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Awesome consulting service

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I have a friend recommended me Sriram for the MBA consulting service and was very glad that I got to work with him along the process. I was able to get into my top choice school (CBS) in the end with the help from him.

Sriram is an expert in the field and is very professional. He helped me a lot in terms of brainstorming my essays and tailoring to each school. He was very honest about advice and had very quick turnover of each round of feedback, which I very much appreciated. My first draft of essay was very different with my final version, and I am grateful that Sriram helped me to create a piece that represented myself well and suited for application.

For Sriram's professionalism and expertise in the field, I highly recommend him as a MBA consultant for your application.

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May 20, 2020

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You Won't Regret Choosing Sriram

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Sriram helped me apply for 4 schools: HBS, GSB, Sloan, and Wharton. I got interviews from GSB Sloan and Wharton and got offers from Wharton and Sloan. My time for the application was tight (only about one and a half months), but Sriram guided me through the whole process with experienced techniques, impressive strategic thinking, and quick turnaround. He patiently discussed with me on every essay, commented with super detailed suggestions, and helped me avoid numerous mistakes I would have made if I applied myself. He also conducted a series of mock interviews with me which helped me aced the real ones later. I truly appreciate Sriram's great help, and I would recommend Sriram to any MBA applicants without hesitation.

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April 05, 2020

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ARINGO - True and Fair

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After multiple retakes, the best I could manage on the GMAT was a 660. Adding to this par score was my low GPA. When I decided to start the application process, I was very sure to hire a consultant as I was targeting US schools ranked 20-30 (US News) and Top 10 European B schools. I spoke to 7 big firms and everyone except Jen (Jenifer Turtschanow) told me that I should be realistic in choosing schools and should target US schools ranked outside 35 (US news) and European schools ranked outside 50 (Financial Times). Jenifer loved my career goals and trusted that I had the potential to make it to Top Schools. I vetted the Aringo’s consultant pool and chose Sriram. Sriram’s achievements speak volumes about him that were reinforced by his clients’ testimonials.

Sriram is very professional and concise while addressing the changes in essays. Here’s an example of how he addressed when I sent him some poorly written stuff.

“Please find attached. Am a bit surprised by the responses, it looks like you've just rushed into them without spending much thought. For a few of them the question asked is different than what you are responding. In many places you are stating things without any context or example or explanation. We've already worked on so many essays I thought you would use some of those here. Many of them do not have any professional examples at all, and it looks very hastily put together. Please review my comments and do the needful.

These are professional programs, please do not write statements like I want to work in XXXX because it is cosmopolitan and a good place to have fun. That makes it seem more like you want to vacation there because your city is polluted. XXXXX is not going to give you admission for reasons like this. It needs to be a more carefully thought-through positioning of professionally what it will offer to you.”

His turnaround time is super quick, sometimes 6 hours and most of the times less than 24 hours. With Sriram, I can confidently say that one could submit 3 strong applications in 10 days. I applied to 3 Top 10 European Programs all in the final rounds and received an admit from one school, waitlisted (as the school had a cap for Indian applicants) at one school and awaiting results from another school. I remember the interviewer telling me that my application was so informative that the interview was just to hear my story through me online.

I trusted Sriram in this journey and he delivered far above expectations. He used to set ambitious goals. The results were nothing short of outstanding. I don’t believe anyone else would have had the ability in pitching my profile so perfectly towards what seemed to be unreachable goals and the same commitment as Sriram’s. I am thrilled that I chose him. Aringo’s Intelligence reports for Top B-schools are extremely helpful. Mock Interviews with Jen and Sriram are no different from the official ones. Their interview questions were authentic and school specific. Just to touch upon briefly, for the school I’m awaiting result I was interviewed for 3 hours and never did I become nervous during those grueling 3 hours. I credit Jen and Sriram for that. Investing thousands of dollars in Aringo was a risk that I was certain about and I’m glad that it has been rewarding. One could argue that I made the decision to opt Aringo but I got lucky along the way to have right people like Jen and Sriram.

To all applicants, especially Indians, who are considering an admissions consultant, I suggest Sriram because he will have profoundly positive impact on your candidacy and with him you are never alone in this journey. Thank you Jen for connecting me to Sriram. Lastly, many thanks to all the test drive experts at Aringo!!

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March 28, 2020

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Very responsible and top-notch consulting service


I approached Aringo near the R2 deadline. Fortunately, I met Jenifer and Sriram. They were both very responsible and professional!

Sriram is a great mentor in leading me to discover the values of my background. He also set a high bar for my application materials and makes sure I bring out the best state and stories in my application. My understanding of the MBA application improved a lot with his support and teachings.

I cannot remember how many rounds we edited my essays and resumes. But they were always so patient and detail-oriented in giving me the best advice and service. The best part I enjoyed working with them is that they always replied to me promptly. When I had a week to the deadline, they helped me edit my essays and sent me back within 24 hours every day in that week.

I will highly recommend their service to new MBA applicants.

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December 25, 2019

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I want to start by saying I had 100% success rate with Sriram because I got accepted to all three schools (2 in top 5 US MBA and 1 in top 10). He has been of tremendous help during the application process and something that stands out about him is his response time with feedback (<24 hours).

It took a rigorous effort to narrow down to one admission consulting services company. I had introductory interviews with 8 different consultants, making my pros and cons list for each. After my phone call with Sriram (8th call), I did not have to go back to making a list. I instantly signed up with Aringo.

The biggest advantage with Sriram is that he's a storyteller (by profession - he's into classical arts) with an MBA from MIT Sloan. That in itself was very impressive. And he's from India and shares a similar background so that became a huge plus. So for folks from India, this is something you should take a note of.

Sriram has a good ear for things that will catch the AdCom's attention. We had a lot debates after I sent Sriram my first drafts for review. In the end, his feedback helped me revamp my stories and ultimately led to admission from my dream schools.

I cannot thank Aringo and Sriram enough for all the help during the application process. I strongly recommend Sriram and Aringo for all you admissions help.

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August 04, 2019

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Sriram has great MBA consulting skills

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It was a pleasure working with Sriram. He was amenable and affable for the application process. He helped me tremendously to bring out the best stories from my life. He gave great feedback which helped me articulate the stories for the applications. For instance, he advised me to improve my videos essay by giving feedback on the content and speaking style that assisted me to speak authentically. He has good communication skills that helped in improving essays. He was able to respond to queries within the expected time. He has great MBA consulting skills. I would highly recommend Sriram for MBA consulting.

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June 25, 2019

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When I was initially debating whether to even choose a consultant in this process, I vetted a number of options - ARINGO, MBAmission, MENLO coaching, Accepted, Art of Applying, etc etc. Applying with a lower GMAT score was a huge concern for me (taking it again wasn't an option) and while the other companies (both listed and not listed) made my low score the focus, Sriram at ARINGO saw my story for what it was, and believed in me from the beginning.

His belief, and his ability to see the candidate behind the numbers is uncanny. He knows how to get the right stories out of each person, and was able to help me really craft my personal brand + tailor it to each school I worked with him on.

Of all the schools I applied to - I was waitlisted at 1, and got accepted to 4, ultimately now matriculating at Wharton.

10000% could not have done this without Sriram's help - he helped me not only improve my storytelling, but also hone in on why I really wanted business school to begin with (since that often becomes unclear in the depths of the application process) and reminded me that my story meant more than the scores/numbers I was so worried about.

Could not recommend Sriram and ARINGO more - truly, they understand that we are all unique people at the end of the day, and all have value to add in the MBA classroom.

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