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The best admission consultant – helped me turn failure into success

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GMAT - 710
Country - India
Gender - Female
Background - Entrepreneurship/Product at early-stage startups
Undergrad - Engineering from a tier 2 college
Concerns - Low GMAT score, an undergrad from a tier 2 college, work experience only in early-stage startups, how to communicate my personal story and goals

I worked with 2 US admission consultants over 2 application years, and I strongly recommend Greg. He played a crucial role in helping me get an admit at a very difficult Top-10 US program and LBS in Round 2 after I had fallen short in the previous cycle and in Round 1. He was a game-changer for me and I really believe he is the best admission consultant around. I am pretty sure I have the lowest GMAT amongst Indian students in my school, which says a lot about Greg’s impact.

Greg helped me from figuring out the right stories to guiding me on my essays to interview prep. For both the essays and interviews, Greg helped me brainstorm my most powerful stories and then structure my delivery so the Adcoms and interviewers could understand my journey and goals. Greg customised the interview prep completely for each school, helping me to prep for that school’s interview questions and guiding me on how I could share parts of my story that aligned with the school’s values.

Greg also went above and beyond to help me with genuine advice throughout this journey. He has a deep understanding of how Adcoms from different schools look at essays and applications and how an applicant can put her best foot forward with each school. Even after the admission, Greg spent time with me figuring out scholarship strategy and holding a call to answer any more questions before I moved to the US (both as a complete favor). That’s how dedicated and involved he is in his client's success.

Overall I needed someone who believed in my story and could guide me through this process. Greg was just that guy. He helped me be resilient and kept me going. I spoke with several consultants and felt that Greg was more than just someone who reviews the essays, but is instead really there to give the right direction and genuine advice. I would recommend him to anyone.

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