October 11, 2018

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Review for Alex Ruiz Lee (ARLee Consulting)


I met Alex via GMAT club when he responded to my profile evaluation post early this year. I like the way he has provided a detailed feedback on my profile highlighting my strengths and my areas on improvement rather than providing a generic feedback. He also guided me in finalizing the schools which are best suited for my aspirations.

As we all know, for a strong B-school application, having a balanced mix of professional and personal achievements is really important. Alex has deep insight into what qualities B-Schools are looking in their students and how your professional and personal experience can be put together to make a strong application. Like they say you should never hide anything from your doctor or lawyer if you really want them to help you, I must say that apply same rule while working with Alex.

Alex is not a kind of consultant who will complete the application on your behalf or provide you with a pre-cooked content, rather he will work with you in understanding your story by asking relevant questions, and by encouraging you to find the answers for yourself. Also, he will never settle for any vague storyline/answers for his questions, which to be honest sometimes seems demanding but keep in mind that in the end, he is only trying to bring the best out of you and it will allow you to present yourself in the better way throughout the selection process.

My admission to one of the top B-school in Europe is an example of this. It is because of Alex’s thorough approach and persistence of not giving up on me till I come up with answers up to his expectations, I was able to put forward a strong application and there was hardly any question in the interview for which I felt unprepared.

Despite the time zone difference, Alex has always been available to answers all the questions (believe me, I always had tons of them 😊) and concerns about various aspects of the school, admission process and my application. At times, when I felt demotivated or overwhelmed with the GMAT and entire admission process of different schools, Alex always stood by me and provided me with much-needed support and motivation to move forward.

With my experience, I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to apply for B-School. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, professional and supportive MBA consultant, who can help you in achieving your dream of getting into a B-school, look no further, Alex is your MAN😊

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