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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

After being admitted to Stanford Business School with Alex Leventhal's help, my friend urged me to work with Alex as well, and I'm so happy I did. I'm not one to buy into added services to help a process that is expected to be completed alone, but I can say without a doubt that Alex was an essential resource in earning my admission to INSEAD-my top school of choice.

I never once felt like the clock was ticking with Alex - he continuously made himself available for my questions (some of them silly ones) and to talk me through my experiences to help me craft essays that would stand out but would also be completely true to who I am. My favorite part about working with him is that he really kept me honest - he didn't encourage me to add things that I didn't truly believe. And if there were things I didn't want to highlight in my essays, he helped me either see the value in discussing them or helped me understand why wasn't necessary to include them. Things about that I would have never guessed would be interesting to a school turned out to be things he encouraged me to write about that really added color to my essays and helped my personality shine through. He taught me how to tie together my experiences and skills through stories to present my best possible self to the admissions committee.

Alex Leventhal (Prep MBA) was great - he's practical, clear, honest and obviously an expert in his field, which helped move the process along quickly and thoroughly. He's also friendly and approachable, and I always looked forward to talking to him. I had applied to business school years before with no luck, and after working with him and learning his techniques - techniques I would have never come up with myself - I can see that I really couldn't have done it without his help!

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