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When I decided to apply to business school, I was intimidated and overwhelmed by the process. I hadn’t initially considered an admissions consultant, but I had a number of close friends that worked with Alex and they felt strongly that his guidance had helped them gain acceptance to their top programs. It was clear from our first call that Alex would be an invaluable and necessary resource for my application process: He was not only experienced and knowledgeable about the process, but he was also refreshingly honest and genuinely invested in my journey to business school. After even our first call, Alex made me feel confident that I was a strong applicant and that he would pay careful attention to my strengths, intentions and career interests to help me get into the best possible program for my trajectory. Given my nontraditional background, I knew that I could not go with a more cookie-cutter, large admissions consulting company that would try to fit me into an MBA mold. I needed a personalized approach from someone that had a nuanced and thorough understanding of the admissions game.

Working with Alex was truly a wonderful experience start-to-finish and I couldn’t imagine making it through the process as smoothly and successfully as I did without his guidance. He takes an incredibly personal approach that not only helped in writing my essays, but also made him an important confidant when I became overwhelmed by the inevitable stresses of the application process. The stress of applying to business school can be debilitating without a voice of reason. Alex’s patience, attention to detail, and incredible mastery of essay writing pushed me to rework and perfect my essays. His sense of humor and personable nature made him a pleasure to work with, even at the most difficult hurtles. I was accepted into four top schools including my two top choices, Wharton and Kellogg. I am certain that my acceptances were a result of our thorough conversations about my work experience and career trajectory, which he used to help me craft powerful essays and a brilliantly coherent narrative from my previous work experience. Given my less tradition work experience, I’m certain that Alex’s unique ability to see my narrative from various angles and help me rework my essays into sophisticated career statements was absolutely integral to my admissions success.

I would recommend Prep MBA to anyone without hesitation. Without his guidance, I would have made many missteps and so I feel Alex helps clients realize their full potential in the admissions game. He has an amazingly strong grasp on the application process and what a top school is looking for, so he is a powerful resource for any applicant. While there are many strong MBA admissions counselors, I know from conversations with friends that Alex is unique in his personalized approach, attention to detail and investment in his clients. He is incredibly smart and passionate about his business and the success of his clients. Friends of mine that have used Alex have all maintained close friendships with him and frequently update him on their progress in business school. I absolutely intend to do the same, which should reflect how collaborative and invested Alex is in his clients.

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