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April 02 | 2016
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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

For the benefit of other b-school applicants I’d like to write a short review for Alex Leventhal at PrepMBA who I worked with on my successful application to Wharton (and would highly recommend!).

When I started the application process I called a number of admissions consulting firms, but immediately felt I connected with Alex on a personal level. He spent 45 minutes on the call with me during our initial consultation (even though it was a 20 minute timeslot) and I could tell he was passionate about his service and helping me think through the critical issues. I liked the fact that he was articulate, had been through the application process himself (he’s a Harvard MBA after all!) and most importantly, that he told me straight up what my chances were at top programs. Coming from an over-represented background with some interesting (but diverse) experiences on my CV, he highlighted the importance of carefully crafting a narrative that adcoms can relate to.

Working with Alex was just as amazing. His service was very personal (no junior consultants or intermediaries) and he was flexible with my schedule (which during peaks times at work was very much appreciated!). I did a 2-school package and then did hourly work on another school. I wound up getting 2 offers, including my first choice, Wharton. I feel the time we spent thinking about my career goals and how they relate back to my previous experience was a huge reason why I got in. I also feel that Alex’s no BS approach was another factor. Many times I felt my essays were “ready” to submit, but Alex kept pushing me to refine them and go deeper – and looking back on my early drafts I’m so glad he did.

I would recommend Alex in a heartbeat (and already have to a number of work colleagues). He’s a logical guy with creative flare, and his ability to “see” the right angle and connect the dots is why he gets so many candidates into business school. If you’re thinking about admissions consulting you need to give Alex a call.

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