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May 03 | 2012
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Yes - school of my dreams

I was skeptical about using a consultant, but after speaking to a friend who attended HBS, I realized that it is too difficult to understand what not to write without advice from someone who understands the industry. I picked Stacy Blackman based on some articles that quoted Stacy in BusinessWeek.

After an initial meeting, I arranged for the comprehensive service. My consultant, Margaret, helped me to clarify my own vision and pushed me to clear up my message. Her advice was instrumental in my success. I was interviewed at 3 top 10 schools and was admitted to my top two choices. I really couldn't have done it without the guidance of my consultant. As far as the company overall, several other employees reached out to make sure I was moving along in the process and didnt have questions or concerns. At no point did I feel as though I didn't have someone to reach out to if I had a question or concern.

In terms of other reviews who mention managing your own expectations, I definitely agree. A consultant will not help you create experience that you don't have. However, mine did help me to focus my application in ways that allowed me to showcase the experience that I did have.

Highly recommend Stacy Blackman.

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