August 04, 2015

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E-GMAT Quant Live Prep-The best Quant Course around!


Improvement 80 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Japinder Kaur

Location Online

I have been amazed by the excellence of the GMAT Quant Course by E-GMAT so I thought of giving a review so that I can help other students in my situation. I was an average guy in Quant so I needed a course that would provide foundation concepts needed in developing proficiency in Quant. I went for the E-GMAT free trial and I didn't take time before I decided to enroll in the full E-GMAT Quant Course. This is surely one of the best decisions I have taken with respect to my studies.

The Live sessions conducted by excellent tutors. The concepts are now a cake walk for me. I have seen a huge improvement on my mocks, from low Q40s to Q48/Q49. After every section, the course links with OG Guides for cementing the concepts. I found this very helpful.

The instructors are available 24-7 to answer any student doubt. I will not hesitate to recommend E-GMAT Quant Live to any student having any challenge in Quant.

What are you waiting for. Go ahead and try it. You can try the free Number Properties Live session and see how E-GMAT does it.



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