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I took my test on October 3, 2015 and scored 750 (Q50 V41) and am extremely thrilled with my score.
In my previous attempt on August 1 2015, I scored 690 (Q49 V34) and signed up for the Verbal Live Prep course with e-GMAT.

The course is very detailed and provides us with a framework to tackle all areas of the verbal section. During my previous attempt, I was never really confident while attempting the verbal section, especially CR. SC was one of my stronger areas, however, the VLP course at e-GMAT, with its emphasis on meaning analysis, ushered in a unique methodology to solve SC questions. This unique method of attempting SC questions not only reduced my error rate and time but also boosted my confidence when it came to the actual test. Believe it or not, I was actually able to 'pre-think' a potential answer for an incorrect sentence. The PoE (Process of Elimination) technique ensured that I thoroughly went over all the options and was confidently able to select the correct option and move on.

The pre-thinking step in CR, in my opinion, was a God-sent. Following the steps laid out in the videos and the application of the process taught by the faculty ensured that I was in the right frame of mind during the exam was able to turn one of my weaknesses into my strength. BF questions were always my Achilles heel, but after learning the process and applying the steps to solve these questions, I can vouch that the 2 BF questions that I got on my 2nd attempt were completed in about 3 mins and I hope that both were correct.

Initially, I had some reservations with the RC strategies and the process as I felt that I was getting most questions wrong and spending too much time on each passage. However, I persisted with the 7 strategies and applied them to all my RCs on the actual GMAT. The results are there for all to see. I am not sure whether I saved much time but I was able to use the PoE and arrive at the correct option in most cases.

Lastly, I'd like to commend the work that has been put into the Scholaranium tool. I used Scholaranium extensively for practice and honing my skills after each session. The questions were varied and unique. In sections such as RC and SC, I felt that the actual GMAT questions were a lot simpler than the ones that I practiced using Scholaranium.

A big thank you to the entire e-GMAT team for instilling the confidence in me and helping me get over that final hurdle. Also, a big shout out to the VLP faculty (Payal, Neeti, Krishna, and Shraddha) for explaining the concepts and demanding that we stick to the process in order to achieve our target scores. When I applied for this score, my expectations were to reach a score of 720 - 730 range. However, I have gone above and beyond those expectations and hope this score will yield calls from some top universities.

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